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11 Things Cats Dislike That You Should Avoid

There is one thing for sure that can be applied to all kinds of living things: everything should be done like how it is supposed to be. For example, a flower needs water to grow, a human needs food to live, and a cat needs humans to care about what they dislike. This is a critical point for all cat owners to take note of because cats’ pains are disguised, we need to open our hearts and hear what they are crying for help.

Messing litter box, dirty water bowl, ignoring the weird behaviors, is that what you would do for your beloved kitty? Tolerate and embrace your cat’s likes and dislikes so that the loving relationship between a cat and its human mom/dad will bloom.

Let’s jump into 11 things that humans intentionally or unintentionally do that felines do not like.

(h/t: iheartcats)

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#1 Not giving them a comfortable place to relieve themselves

Who wants to have a dirty and uncomfortable bathroom? No one! So does the cat. The litter box is the first thing you need to take care of when your cat shows you some signals: they do not relieve the waste all day, they ignore the litter box, or the nasty look of their own clumping waste that you haven’t scooped for a week! If you do care about your cat, let’s invest a bigger, cleaner, better litter box. Replace the sand, be persistent to scoop the waste, and they will thank you.

#2 Making loud noises

Detecting and sneaking from the loud is one of the cat’s natural instincts. Cats are both predator and prey, plus, their sense of hearing is way higher than a human’s. A sudden noise, a knock at the door, a slamming door, loud music, and whatever alike can freak your cat out. Keep them some space when you are about to vacuum or some visitors will knock on the door. 

#3 Scolding them

Abusive punishments have nothing to do with a cat when they are naughty. You might make the circumstance worse when you decide to yell at your cat. They prefer a soft and persuasive conciliation. Talk to them nicely (cats have a 90% human-like brain), show them the way to do it properly, and don’t forget to reward them treats when they are obedient.

#4 Ignoring odd behavior

Shedding hair, matted fur, watery eyes, constantly scratching, or stopping grooming themselves is what may indicate medical problems from a cat. And remember, cats will never show how painful they are, only you, humans, can help them by noticing their behaviors whether it is unusual. Rush them to the vet to have some blood work, have a checkup, take advice from the vet, and follow the prescriptions that are given.

#5 Giving them a water bowl they don’t like using

As picky as they are, not only just the litter box, purrsonal space, but also a water bowl. Cats have inherited the wild instinct of their ancestors, water is one of the signals for these creatures to be fully aware of. Still water can be dangerous rather than running water, a water bowl which is placed next to a food bowl can be referred to as ‘dirty’, the water temperature can be lame to them, etc. 

#6 Teasing them

Teasing can be fun and people tend to not take it personally. With cats, who are literally not humans, the gap between teasing and bullying is very thin. Stroking the tail, shouting out loud at their face, squeezing the belly, or poking the ears can easily hurt a cat. They will never be content with human antics. When they get angry, it’s pretty recognizable: The cat’s ears are flat to the head, scrunching nose, pupils are wider, they even turn their back to you. 

#7 Declawing them

Declawing equals bone amputation. Imagine you have to cut one of the bones inside your body without any permission or forewarning. When you have their claw removed, not just only physical health will be affected but also their mental health. Don’t be bothered by the scratches on the sofa, you had better offer them a scratch post instead.

#8 Dressing them up

Halloween, Christmas, or birthday is when people put on the cutest costumes for their pets. Dogs might be joyful with that because somehow they make the owners happy. However, with cats, that is not what they want in the celebrations or occasions. They only want to be fully present with you, on your lap, and doze off all day.

#9 Ignoring their grooming needs

We all know that cats are experts at self-grooming, but that doesn’t mean you ignore this session. Untangling their matted coat, trimming their claws, and maybe bathing is what cats need when it comes to grooming. They don’t like it, everybody knows it, but the needs are more important than that which can nourish their long-term welfare.

#10 Not respecting their space

Uh oh, cats are very serious about having a safe place. Some of you might say: “Well, what if he/she involves in my personal space?” Congrats! That is how a cat loves you endearingly. But if you do the same with what they did to you, you might get an unexpected response. Cats love bags, cardboard boxes, a perch, and so on. Let them be free in their own space, being respectful and compassionate with your kitty.

#11 Neglecting to give them enough attention

Unlike dogs, cats will come up to you to show how much they want you to cuddle them. They might be independent sometimes, they might be mischievous and sassy, they might be picky and fastidious, but all those things can’t compare to your attention to them. Neglecting a cat can cause their mental illness, the bond will not tight enough to go on the journey, and your cat will neglect you in a short time. If you own a cat, please, love them with all your heart, mind, and soul.


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