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12 Boyfriends Who Really Didn’t Want A Cat And Caved Real Fast

As you may know, cat needs time to get used to everything around them. A new house, a new member or even the first time they see that person is one of the elements that makes them stressful. At that time, they need to observe to make sure they know what is happening. It is great to have a boyfriend/girlfriend and everyone has their own hobby. If you are a cat lover and sometimes your partner may not like a cat as you do, things will change, they just need time.

Here are some moments we want to share with you about having a boyfriend who is not really into a cat and the result will surprise you. Don’t forget to comment your favorite photo and tell us your thoughts at the comment section below.

(h/t: buzzfeed)

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#8 This lover was demonstrating the wonders of video games to his cat.

#12 And finally, this boyfriend who didn’t follow his own rule


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