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12 Pics Of Cats Who Think That They Are Actually Roosters

I want you to do a small test: set a hidden camera and sleep. When you wake up and you will have all evidence that we are talking about. Cats are crepuscular animals, they are highly active and they can maximize the energy most when it’s at dusk and dawn. Normally, a rooster crows at 5 AM, which is a time when some people are ready to work. And to no one’s surprise, cats wake up and do their stuff around 4 AM!

There are so many activities they can accomplish before dozing off again all day long: hovering the cat food bags, politely laying down next to you, running and chasing the prey, exploring new neighbors next door, and of course, meowing constantly to wake you up. Guess a rooster can’t do all those things as a feline does.

So scroll down and see our poor owners and their reactions when their cats wake them up even if it’s not their days off. Upvote the funniest photo and tell us why do think it’s hilarious in the comment section!

(h/t: dailysquared)

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#4 “He can still breathe, he’s good!”

#8 I mean that looks pretty comfy honestly


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