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12 Snow Leopards Who Love Nomming On Their Fluffy Tails

As you may know, the endangered snow leopard (Panthera uncia) is found in the harsh highlands of Central Asia and is known around the world for its gorgeous fur and elusive demeanor.

Snow leopards are well adapted to their high-altitude home’s frigid, bleak surroundings, but human threats have put the animals’ future in jeopardy. Despite having a range of almost 2 million km2, scientists estimate that there are only 3,920 to 6,390 wild snow leopards surviving. They are solo traveller, the snow leopard is usually solitary and highly elusive and dawn and dusk are the cat’s most active times.

Besides, Snow Leopards may not have the ability to roar like other big cats, but they do have the most magnificent tails ever. Their tails are nearly as long as they are, ranging from 80 to 105 centimetres in length! They are primarily used to assist them in balancing, but they can also be used to OM NOM NOM on!

While Snow Leopards wrap their tails around their noses to keep warm in their native habitat (after all, they are Snow Leopards), it’s unclear why they would do so in captivity. Maybe it’s just genetics, or maybe they can’t get enough of the fluff? Take a peek at the tails. SO. MUCH. FLUFF.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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