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13 Photos That Prove Cats Go By Their Own Scientific Rules

Have you ever been amazed by a cat? I believe you are in the right page. Here are some amazing photos below that we want to share with you at Gidypet. If you worry about how they could be in any shape, you shouldn’t. These lovely felines know what they are doing and absolutely they are feeling comfortable. Don’t forget to tell us how these cute cats impress you and share it to your family and family.

(h/t: buzzfeed)

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#1 “A liquid is a fluid that has no independent shape, but has a definite volume, does not expand indefinitely, and is only minimally compressible,” according to the definition

#2 Do you think that doesn’t sound like a cat to you? Let’s take a closer look at the evidence.

#3 Cats are clearly form-shifters and move in a supernatural manner, so they pass the “no shape” test in my opinion

#4 In terms of definite volume, no matter how little or long a cat becomes, its volume remains constant

#8 Because I only got a C in chemistry, I have no idea what “somewhat compressible” means, so I’ll simply claim these two babies are slightly compressed

#11 Go out and adopt one so you too can have a mess like this on your floor.

#12 Haters might say water is the most important liquid on this planet.


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