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13 Sins Against Felines That Can Crush Your Cat’s Spirit

Not only does stress make people crazy but also felines. However, it’s pretty recognizable when a person gets stressed via their outward behaviors, actions, and some dramatically unusual attitudes. Sometimes, people who are more introverted tend to hold onto the depression inside which can lead to death. Mental illness can’t be underestimated since modern days are constantly changing and challenging. So how can we even figure out when a cat is stressed? They are not able to speak, they are creatures who have tendencies to hide the pain, how can cat owners identify and improve the relationship with their cats by helping them get over the depression?

Luckily, many animal behaviorists have studied the psychology of cats and they find out some signs that indicate a cat might be stressed: becoming more withdrawn, hiding, being less tolerant of people, eating or drinking less, overeating, overgrooming, urinating outside the litter box, scratching excessively, being aggressive toward other pets. If your cat has one or some of the symptoms mentioned above, you should take them to the vet for further information and advice. But before that, let’s break down 13 human sins that are against feline’s spirit so we can dive into their vulnerabilities and understand them more.

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#1 Not cleaning the litter box

Hoomans, if you want to win over a cat’s heart, you have to win the battle of the litter box. Cats are more likely to be fastidious and they can’t stand stepping their paws to a dirty litter box. Eliminating the waste is essential for everyone, not just only for cats. Imagine you are doing the business with an unpleasant bathroom, cats will feel the same, sis.

It’s time to change the behavior within you so your cat can have a better life. Scoop the clumps at least once or twice a day, wash the litter box once a week with mild and cat-friendly soaps, use the unscented litter sand, and one litterbox per cat, plus at least one more. Make sure that you reach a cat’s cleanliness standards. Start this routine for one month, you will see a positive response from your cat.

#2 Forgetting to fill the food bowl

When we were kids, we would be hungry and angry when we didn’t get fed, so do the cats. This reason is worth being stressed because food is one of the most important factors to nourish the body. If you are a busy person, make sure you have a feeding schedule for your cat(s) by setting the alarm on your phone.

The choice of food is also vital, cats are carnivores so they need big amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids. Raw meat products are best for them. If you cannot afford a clean bill of raw meat in a month, let’s try dry food and canned food. Thus, you can speak to the vet if your cat’s coat is matted, the urinary tract is bad, or they have digestive problems. Do not place the food bowl and water bowl near the litter box.

#3 Leaving kitty’s water dish dirty

Dirty water may come from placing the water bowl next to the litter box, so the sand or clay possibly flaps to the bowl because of the wind. Cat owners should be careful with water since cats don’t usually drink so they are dehydrated. They are desert dwellers which means water is not what a cat wants. However, urinary problems usually happen to cats, so you should apply one of these two ways: buy wet food for them or invest in a cat-sized water fountain.

Cats especially like running, moving water rather than still water. In the past, the cat’s ancestors tended to avoid drinking still water because they thought that was stagnant water so it was not safe. Cats can also be picky about the taste of water. Conditions that make cats more prone to dehydration include chronic kidney disease, diarrhea, or diabetes. Make sure you figure out your cat’s water preference and adjust these rules to please them.

#4 Shouting

Of course, cats can be obnoxious sometimes but how you reprimand them is a key to the creation of a steadfast bond with your beloved pet. First off, you need to know that cats are sensitive. They have a high sense of hearing and their ears are critically fragile. If you put on loud music, you will never find your cat around that annoying area. So same as loud music, screaming or shouting at your cat is the worst punishment for you and the cat. When you are yelling at a cat, they feel hurt and insulting so they will be no longer have an intimate relationship with you. Gradually, the bond is broken, and it will be very hard to earn their trust again.

Cats are easy to get scared of, so be gentle with our little felines. Instead of shouting, snapping a finger, or firmly telling them ‘No’ when they act mischievous. Do the prompts constantly and daily so cats can understand that is when they are out of tolerance.

#5 Punishing

As said, cats are sensitive creatures, they will avoid contact with you if you use human-like punishments. If your cat develops rebellious behaviors, try to find the root of the cause. Have they gotten stressed lately? Does any health problem arise inside their body? Keep an eye on every single bizarre behavior that they have made recently and reflect those to the signs mentioned above, so you don’t have to punish them. Positive reinforcements will not only raise their awareness but also enhance the specific understandings of your cat. Cats love living in peace and calm, physical punishments only make the situation worse. Don’t forget to reward them with some treats when they are obedient. 

#6 Ignoring their health

Cats are a pro at masking the pain, you will never know when they are suffering from the predicament. However, there are still some signs that tell you the consequences of ignoring the cat’s health. Blood in the litter box might represent a UTI or bladder cancer. Nonstop yowling represents stress. Losing appetite means stomachaches, respiratory problems, or dental issues. Vomiting 2 or 3 times a week is a sign of food poisoning, pancreatitis, or stress. If they roll back their eyes, lose consciousness, or lose control of their bowels, it’s a sign of seizure. The only way to get out of those horrible situations before it’s getting worse is to rush them to the vet for a checkup. You never want your kitty to be sick and unhealthy, do you?

#7 Not providing mental stimulation

Basically, it means you should spend more time playing with them, give them more toys so they can interact with the objects that are in front of them. Some wand toys are pretty compatible with cats who are athletic and hyperactive. Don’t think your cat is always dozing off all day and doesn’t care about the surroundings. Remember, domestic cats inherit the spirit of their ancestors who are wild cats, so they love hunting and climbing as well. Stimulating their brain and body is a need, not a want. Even though you are busy, try to get a little amount of time, at least 30 minutes a day, create a playful environment, host some interactive games, happy cats are healthy cats. 

#8 Teasing or hurting

Teasing a cat is like playing with fire, you will never know how it’s gonna burn you. In fact, cats love gentleness and kindness from humans. When you have children at home, you should teach your kids how to behave with the cat(s) and vice versa. Cats are sometimes rebellious and they might harm children if they are not told to be polite with new members of the family. In return, children should not bully a cat, which can be seen in every household. As a well-informed cat owner, scooping up the cat or holding them improperly can hurt their feelings. Stroking the tail or tapping their body harshly also makes the cat feel bad and stressed. Be more respectful and tender with those delicate souls.

#9 Never grooming

A silky, soft, and radiant coat can tell how caring is a cat owner. Neat and slick nails, good breath, and shiny teeth are also parts of grooming that every cat owner should do it daily. Knowing that cats are best at self-grooming, but there are still some spots that a cat needs your help. If you are a homebody, spend time bathing your cat (occasionally!), trimming their nails (not declawing), brushing their teeth and fur. If you see their fur is oily, tangled, or matted, contact the nearest vet and take advice from the professionals. 

#10 Leaving the lights off

Generally speaking, cats are one of the best creatures who can see everything in darkness. However, that is not totally true. Cats still need dim light to direct their way. When cats are in the wild, the moonlight facilitates the cat’s movements for hunting. When it comes to the household, it takes time to adjust and compromise your sleeping habits and theirs. When it’s completely dark, you might step on your cat while they are sleeping. Cats will feel lonely and scared when the surroundings are out of their control. so you should give them little light to see and feel more secure. 

#11 Not learning the feline language

It’s a journey for you to explore a cat’s world when you start to learn their language. Obviously, cats can’t speak but their body and their facial expressions say it all. If you are a beginner, do some researches and identify what your cat is trying to say to you. Cats love communicating with humans, they only purr when humans are around, not other cats. Kneading, headbutting, chirping, or showing the tummy are some signs when a cat finds you reliable. Hissing, yowling, ears are flattened backward, be careful and give them time to calm down, your cat might be upset about something. You can learn the cat language here, and here are the signs that a cat loves you.

#12 Not spending time together

Quality time is essential for cats. As we have mentioned before, cats want to communicate and spend time with you. The bond will be stronger or weaker depending on how you behave with your beloved pet. When they get attached to their owner, they will feel abandoned and disappointed when they are left alone. Let them sit on your lap, snuggle up with them while you are in bed, feed them and pet them, respond to every purr that your cat makes. If your cat is an adventurous one, let them travel with you whenever you are on the vacation. 

#13 Not offering mutual respect

You can only have respect when you respect others. In this case, cats want the same pattern of being respected. Their space, their mood, their time, their napping sessions, you should let cats be themselves. However, when your cat intrudes on your personal space, don’t get mad at them, that is their language. They want to protect you in the bathroom, they want to be a guidance angel when you are walking down to the kitchen, they want to involve in your daily routine. Not because they do not know how to respect you but because their love is too big in a little furry body. Nothing can break the bond between you and your cat when you acknowledge their behaviors, feelings, emotions, and body language. 


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