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14 Animals Whose Emotions Are So Vivid, They Simply Can’t Hide Them

From the moment pets take a step into your house, you literally know they are gonna be the most emotional balls of joy in the family. But you didn’t expect a further scenario: pets can overly express their feelings and surpass your expectation. Technically, those reactions don’t come from themselves at all, they need a certain interaction or factor from the surroundings so they can run high what is really inside their head to the adorable face. Thus, pawfect timing and proper captions are two other spices to enrich the photos to be more hilarious.

Scroll down to see these 14 selective animals and upvote your faves, feel free to get their photos as your current moods, and don’t forget to comment on some other lively emotions that your pet has had below!

(h/t: brightside)

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#1 When you’re mad at them but they suddenly give you a kiss:

#6 When you wake up at 7 AM and suddenly realize it’s Sunday:

#7 Them: “Are you going on vacation?” You: “Yes, next year.”

#10 The usual you vs you when someone “needs to talk to you”

#12 When you leave your parents to enter adult life and face your first obstacle:


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