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14 Cat Posts That Are Literally So Important

We have come so far from the stereotype of cats are mischievous. In fact, their closest ancestors are wild cats, those naughty behaviors are the acts of playing in wildlife. When we domesticate them, the spirit of being playful and quirky still remains which makes the cats nowadays are royal, classy, high-end yet wildly hilarious. However, felines are not always disobedient. These loving photos of our beloved furballs below prove it frankly. Sometimes, cats just want to snuggle up to their owners, join the watching-bird through the window team, or patiently wait for their big human dad to make dinner. We can do nothing but “aw” at those precious moments, and we are safe to say “My cat is so adorable!”

Scroll down, enjoy with us these wholesome moments, and upvote your faves. Tell us what you think about how pure and lovely your cats are in the comment section, we are always ready to hear your stories.

(h/t: buzzfeed, buzzfeed)

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#4 This fit feline lost SIX POUNDS and is doing amazing, sweetie!!

#7 This one was a lil shy and mysterious:


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