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15 Arguments Every Cat Owner Has Had With Their Cat

The most peculiar critters in the world? Cats. Cats like to communicate with humans by meowing at them constantly, every corner of the house. But when we are trying to respond in the most respectful way (of course because we all think pets are adorable furry humans), they couldn’t care less. Cats like to care about people actually but they choose their buttholes to be the sacrifice of love, well, how can we ask for more than that? Cats also want to be our number one computer supporters by composing emails in with gibberish… I guess that is for asking for more treats from our bosses.

No matter how weird they are, cats are never alone in this life, because they have their human companions who have the same vibe. Tell the world that we love cats and their quirks, tell the world that cats are our everlasting religion, because why not?

Let’s scroll down and see how the conversations of the human-cat relationship go, even though we are mumbling all day, surely cats will understand and love us!

(h/t: buzzfeed)

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#1 The one where your cat meows for more food despite already having perfectly good food in the bowl

#2 The one where you tenderly ask if they can move so you can get on with your day

#3 And the one where you tell them to stop scratching at the toilet door when you’re about to have a shit

#4 The one who lets out a single sigh after you’ve purchased an expensive apparatus for them to sleep in and they instead opt to sleep on a random object

#5 The one where you argue about whether they want to go out or not

#7 The one where you decide on a nickname for your cat with no actual input from them

#8 And the shady “must be nice” that’s said under your breath whenever you see them sleeping

#9 The one in which you try to decipher whether their stare means they hate you or love you

#10 The one where you speculate how the hell they got back to the space you just moved them from

#11 The one where you beg them to sit still for a cute picture

#12 The one where you warn them to stay away from your dinner because they’ve been eyeing it up for five minutes

#13 The one-sided conversation that you carry completely by yourself

#14 The aggravated “nooooo” when you see they’ve destroyed a piece of furniture

#15 The one where you beg them to poop IN the litter box and keep the litter inside too


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