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15 Friendly Cat Breeds That Prove Not All Cats Are Jerks

“Does my cat have feelings for me?” Many cat owners have asked themselves this question, perhaps worried about finding out the answer. While the genuine feelings of a cat are likely to remain a mystery, we do know that they have a pleasant, affectionate side. Cats may not be able to take over the dog’s long-held title of “man’s best friend” anytime soon, but some cat breeds come close.

We at Gidypet are here to fight that stigma, so we have prepared to show you 15 of the sweetest, most loving, and adorable kitten breeds! However, you can add on any cat breeds that are suitable for this topic as well, feel free to share with us and other feline lovers!

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#1 Scottish Fold

This breed of cat is very family and kid-friendly due to thousands of years of domestication. You'll fall in love with the Scottish Folds in no time if you pay attention to them.

Here's an interesting truth about them: they're famous for more than just their curled ears; they're also known for their strange yet cute, human-like positions! Aren't they one-of-a-kind?

#2 Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthairs are absolute sweethearts who love to snuggle, but don't let their grumpy expression deceive you! They're also low-maintenance and have a gentle demeanor. They get along with other cats and dogs, but they don't enjoy being left alone and require the company of their owner.

Garfield, the popular cartoon cat, was an Exotic Shorthair. But don't worry, real cats are much friendlier.

#3 Birman

Birman kittens are highly affectionate and sociable, so if you're looking for a kitten to keep you company and cuddle, this is the breed for you.

How the breed originates is quite fascinating. This cat is supposed to be derived from a kitty owned by a priest in Myanmar many years ago. The priest was attacked by thieves one day, and his cat sat with him to provide him company. The cat's fur turned golden and its eyes turned blue after this display of adoration.

#4 Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats are naturally playful, yet they will always find time to relax in your lap and purr their way to a good nap. Humans, other cats, and even dogs get along with them.

They have the potential to become movie stars as well! An Abyssinian once starred in The Cat From Outer Space, a 1978 film in which an alien kitty crashes its space ship on Earth. If it isn't reason enough to visit, we don't know what is.

#5 Ragdoll

If you prefer dogs but have always desired a cat, then Ragdoll is the breed for you! They're probably the most canine-like cats on the planet. They'll wait for you to arrive home, then follow you around and snuggle up to you. You may also instruct them to bring you things!

They're surrounded by mystery and conspiracy theories, many of which were developed by Anne Baker, their "designer." These cats, according to one of the creators, possess alien DNA! Isn't it creepy? But other than that, these kittens are quite lovable, and variety is always a good thing, right?!

#6 Manx

Manx cats are very lovely and laid-back cats who adore their owners and enjoy being in their company.

An amusing fact about them focuses on their tail! There was a tale that they were late for Noah's Ark and their tail was severed as he slammed the door shut. A more plausible theory is that they were "cabbits", a cross between rabbits and cats. Isn't it adorable?

#7 American Curl

The American Curl is yet another amiable cat breed. They are an excellent choice if you have children or other pets because they are playful and friendly.

They enjoy giving headbutts as well, but not those aggressive headbutts! They prefer sweet, gentle ones, demonstrating how much they adore their owner!

#8 Maine Coon

Maine Coons are known as "gentle giants" for a reason. They have a kind demeanor, as well as a sense of humour and intelligence. They can grow to be as big as a medium-sized dog, which means there's more to hug and cuddle! They love going on exploring the outdoor environment, so you can take them for a walk daily as well.

And we're sure you'll be surprised to learn that a Maine Coon named Ludo holds the World Record for being the longest cat!

#9 Sphynx

The Sphynx cats, our not-so-furry buddies, are born entertainers! They enjoy putting on a show and doing stupid things to grab your attention, and they are, of course, incredibly friendly.

Some of you may be surprised by these facts, but they are not actually hairless and are 4 degrees warmer than most other cats! However, Sphynx cats are considered safer for owners with respiratory problems.

#10 American Bobtail

Even though American Bobtail cats are independent and playful, they have a lot of affection to give to their owners and others.

Many cat enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that this kind of cat doesn't mind traveling with its owners! So you won't have to worry about finding someone to care about them when you go on vacation and can instead bring your kitten with you.

#11 Ocicat

Don't be fooled by their "wild" nickname: Ocicats are really friendly and gregarious. If you invite friends over, they will almost certainly enjoy it and will begin playtime and cuddling. They are capable of learning tricks and play with interactive toys.

Ocicats are the closest thing you'll get to have an exotic cat without the aggression!

#12 Devon Rex

Devon Rex cats have the coolest name out of all of them! Aside from that, they are vivacious and enjoy performing, so they will keep you entertained all day, or until they tire out! And when that happens, they'll snuggle up to you and purr until you crack a smile!

Because of their playful nature, they've earned some hilarious nicknames such as "cat in a monkey suit," "poodle cat," and "alien cat," which refers to the shapes of their head and ears!

#13 Chartreux

Chartreux cats are exquisite, charming, and devoted, as well as pleasant to be with and gregarious, and they will cling to every member of your family.

During World War II, the existence of this cat was threatened because people stopped breeding it. It was preserved, however, by humans who crossed it with different cats, such as Persians. Because of this, some Chartreux are much fluffier than others even today.

#14 Burmese

Burmese cats are highly friendly to children and families, and they get along well with other cats too. They like playing just as much as they enjoy being lazy on Sundays and keeping you company in bed!

Most Burmese cats are said to be descended from a species called Wong Mau, according to historical documents.

#15 Persian

Persian cats are known for being warm, loving, and cuddly, so don't be startled if one climbs into a stranger's lap and decides to snooze.

People are crazy about painting these cats! In reality, My Wife's Lovers is the world’s largest cat painting, with 42 cats. The "lovers" in the painting are Persians and Turkish Angoras, and it sold for more than $820,000.

What is one of your cat's most endearing qualities? Please tell us about your fluffy kittens and share your cute stories with the rest of us!


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