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15 Photos That Prove Cats Are Just Adorable Assholes

As you may know, cats are hard to guess sometimes until you know their character and the way they show you their feelings in a specific situation. Cat lovers will know tons of different cats who is up to their personality and the environment that they were raised with, even a cat with many emotions that took us a long time to figure it out.

Cats are a mystery that has captivated people’s hearts for thousands of years. Cats are a very popular pet because of their secretive personality and lovely features; according to a report, 18% of households in the UK alone are governed by a cat. With so many cats around, surely everyone knows everything there is to know about them, right? Wrong! There are a lot of intriguing facts about cats that you didn’t know about, such the world’s largest cat and how they walk.

You will be surprised to learn this cat truth if you assume cats can’t do tricks. A cat can perform the most tricks in a minute with 24! Are you looking for even more interesting information about our adorable felines? Discover the fascinating world of polydactyl cats, learn why they have extra toes, and meet some of the most well-known kittens of all time.

Please scroll down to see 15 photos that prove cats are just adorable assholes to know more about these lovely felines.

(h/t: buzzfeed)

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#1 This lazy cat who’s like, “Nah. F*ck you, dog, this is MY bed”

#2 This jerk cat who’s like, “This is what regret tastes like, youngling”

#3 This Scrooge cat who’s like, “Away in a manger no crib for his bed…because I TOOK IT”

#4 This cat who’s like, “I just want to say ‘thank you’ for this amazing toy”

#5 This roaming cat who’s like, “Forecast says: my butthole for days”

#6 This car-riding cat who’s like, “It’s safest if I sleep between your back and the car seat, trust me”

#7 This chill cat who’s like, “Just, just shut your mouth”

#8 This BFF cat who’s like, “OMG, I’m SUCH a good friend”

#9 This pizza-loving cat who’s like, “I’m helping you stick to your New Year’s resolution… P.S. Look how sad the dog is, MUAHAHA”

#10 This hungry cat who’s like, “I’ll have juuuuuuuuust this one”

#11 This sneaky cat who’s like, “How many times do I have to explain that these are not your slippers, they are my toys”

#12 This toll-collecting cat who’s like, “The price to pass is one swat to your ass, dog!”

#13 This lazy cat who’s like, “Today is MY laundry day, fuck off”

#14 This cat who’s like, “You can go ahead and add toilet paper to your grocery shopping list, thanks”

#15 This bookworm of a cat who’s like, “What do you mean you lost your place?”


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