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15 Pics That Allow Us To View Beyond What Is Normally Seen

This article might get you looking at these photos twice or more. Human brains are amazing, they can relate all the possibilities and images and imaginations just in one random photo. Thus, the coincidences around us stimulate our brain to analyze, decode, and function in the most exciting way. Be prepared to see those photos and have a great “Oooh-Aaah” time!

(h/t: buzzfeed)

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#4 “Our security camera and our hanging lights make our customers look like they’re wearing wizard hats”

#6 “Took a picture that looks like both the front of my neck and the back of my head”

#7 The cellphone antennas on top of this building resemble a distant city skyline

#8 “I was testing out my phone’s camera when I noticed the apartments in this building seem to be floating in the air”

#13 “All I wanted was a picture of my daughter watching TV without my weird arm in the way”


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