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15 Pics That Prove Cats Are Liquid

Cats come in 2 forms: solid and liquid. But besides being a loaf and take naps all day, do you know why sometimes they are liquid-like? Some studies have been conducted to figure out the conspiracy behind this uniqueness of the cats.

First of all, a feline’s anatomy is different from other animals. They do not have a collar bone, that is why we usually see a mama cat scruffing her offspring’s neck to carry them. Generally, kittens are more flexible than when they are grown-up, they can reach the bottom of the belly and groom themselves. An adult feline’s spines are super elastic and have more bones than humans, and each joint has its flexibility. This is very beneficial for cats to hunt and hide from predators.

Another interesting thing is cats are attracted by narrow spaces. A box, a cup holder, a sink, a random circle are what cats’ cup of tea. They feel safer when they are in the limited margin. If you put them into a small pipe, they will squeeze their body to become liquid. On the contrary, if you put them into a bigger pipe or a catio, they are back to their normal shape which is solid.

Enough today’s lesson, now let’s check your cat how liquid they are and tell us what you think, but don’t forget to scroll down and upvote the most hilarious ones before inviting them to liquidize!

(h/t: brightside)

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#2 “Melting through my girlfriend’s hands (also, long boy)”

#6 “My cat, looking like he flushed himself down the drain.”

#14 “Dang, going to have to get a new couch after I spilled my cat over it.”


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