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15 Pics That Prove Cats Truly Don’t Give A Damn

Yes you’re in the right way, this topic got nothing but only don’t-give-a-meow kitty photos! When it comes to your personal space, cats really don’t care whether you feel uncomfortable or not. In fact, they actually seem to like to interrupt you, prevent you from doing things, or simply sit on your face every morning.

But these rude kitties are so darn cute and how can we even resist those furry villains? I think the worst part of it has been revealed. Anyways, these pictures are super hilarious and you might think: ” Well, I don’t regret to let them ruin my stuff, that cattitude is the the reason why I take him/her home! ”

(h/t: buzzfeed)

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#1 Not only do cats not understand the concept of personal property…

#10 With “don’t give a fuck” behavior comes “don’t give a fuck” attitude


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