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16 Cats Who Stole Their Owners’ Boyfriends And Clearly Have No Regrets

When someone mentions Mr. Steal Your Girl or Mrs. Steal Your Man, they are not aware of the cats who are a pro at stealing your significant other. The cheeky face staring at you with a determined look and the paws are wrapping around your boyfriend’s arm, how feisty she is! And do not ever think about compromising or sharing your boyfriend with the cat, cause she is the ruler of the house! Good news, you are not alone, we are in the same boat, dear. Sometimes, the cat’s audacity surpasses our limitations but admit it, cats are effortlessly adorable, so they can obviously steal our man.

If a cat could publish a book, it would have been titled “How to steal my servant’s boyfriend in 10 seconds” and these photos below are demonstrated precisely. Scroll down and enjoy!

(h/t: iheartcats)

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#3 “The new kitten has developed quite the attachment to my boyfriend”

#8 Oh, this cat knows who this man belongs to and it’s not you!

#12 “Never thought I’d have to share my boyfriend with my cat, but she’s been in love since day one”

#13 Sullivan lays claim…sorry lady, you’ve lost your man…

#14 “She loves reminding me I’m basically my husband’s side chick”

#15 When your cat falls in love with your significant other you know you have found the one

#17 That’s okay, guys. You just keep on chilling with your new cat girlfriends! Just remember, guys with feet like these…


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