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16 Cats With Very Important Jobs

Do you realize that cats are the reflection of our childhood? We used to be small, playful, curious, quirky yet mischievous and sassy sometimes. Furthermore, we used to have a lot of dream jobs but we can only choose one or two to be the official ones. Some people make their dreams come true but others don’t. Due to the stress of paying bills, buying a house and car, raising our children so that we occasionally forget the joy of life. Luckily, cats are the most valuable existence we have ever seen and they can be the excuse of living in your dream jobs again. Remember that we are all valued to slow down a bit, take a breath, reminisce our childhood, as long as we feel fulfilled and peaceful inside.

In case you are looking for virtual therapy, these hilarious photos below are some jobs you can relate to yourself, and don’t let any pressure weighs you down. Be happy and content with the present like the felines!

(h/t: pupperish)

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#2 If you feel cold here is one new and stylish personal scarf

#14 Brave Mia today recued little kitten with flea anemia by donating blood and was rewarded with new toys and some yummy treats


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