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16 People Who Forgot The Word “Boredom” When They Got Themselves A Cat

Material possessions can’t trade quality time with a cat. Imagine one day your cat disappeared, and your tiny world became frustrating. There would be no meow sounds that echo around the house. An adorable face with a bunch of toe beans was no longer in front of you. What’s more, your fulfillment is secretly gone. Are you feeling down when thinking about those scenarios? That is when the word ‘boredom’ is defined. We love cats and everything about them. They have changed our lives in a very positive way that no one can ever understand. Some people might think we are out of mind because we love cats and share our moments with them. They do not know how felines impact us immensely. They do not know cats can save many broken souls. Therefore, if someone is in the midst of distress or boredom, please don’t hesitate to share this hilarious article, because felines can win over everybody!

Here goes 16 owners who have witnessed their positive transformations by owning a cat. These photos indicate that there is no negativity when it comes to loving and living with a furball. Spread the happiness, because that is the only dose we need from a cat!

(h/t: brightside)

#1 “She found a way to get under the house and out for the first time.”

#2 “This is Felix, the neighborhood cat, asking for chicken and hugs, but mostly chicken…”

#5 “They were fighting over who gets to sit on the newspaper.”

#6 “She’s been escorting me to the shower and supervising until I get out since 2017.”

#8 “I wanted to take a picture of how graceful she looked in her box and then she did this…”

#9 “She just found out that we’re getting a second dog…”

#12 “They’ve found the perfect ’judge you from afar’ position.”

#13 “They haven’t quite figured out how to share the cat tree.”

#14 “These 2 spend all day fighting, then give me 10 minutes of this. I’ll take it.”

#15 “Majestic, dignified, and regal — these words describe other cats, not mine.”


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