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16 Pics That Prove Cats Will Be Cats No Matter How Big They Are

Have you ever wondered why a domestic cat and a lion have a bundle of similar acts and behaviors? Not only does a lion put on the scale to compare with our lovely home feline, but a tiger and a panther are also in the lion’s team. We already know that cats really love to fit themselves into the cardboard, they get treats from the owner by sparkling wide dewy eyes, and they have the cutest sleeping positions ever. These descriptions would be sort of weird if we are talking about tigers, lions, or panthers because these wild animals are assumed to be vigorous.

Everything has its own scientific explanations, and this article will reveal what you need to know about the larger cats who behave like a kitty. Before jumping to the facts, scroll down to see how relatable they are and this would be more adorable, just like our little furballs are overly upsized!

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#1 He’s probably sad because that box isn’t big enough for him

First of all, let's get back to the history of the cats. Spending 25 million years evolving to be the most developed mammals, the Felidae family was born. The evolution had prolonged and classified into 2 species: Panthera was found 10.8 million years ago which included tigers (Panthera tigris), panthers (Panthera pardus), and lions (Panthera leo); Felis genus was discovered 3.4 million years ago with also 3 small groups the wildcat (Felis silvestris), the jungle cat (Felis chaus) and domestic cats (Felis catus). So all those things mean, both cats and the bigger wilder ones share their natural instincts and behavioral matters.


#2 Siting inside a cardboard box just like any normal cat!

That is why cats are obligate carnivores, cats need a lot of time spent being alone, they are proud of themselves, and they like hunting stuff. In reverse, these jungle cats have the same characteristics as our domestic ones, it's just because we didn't see it often. Being goofy, doing silly things, chasing the red dot laser light, sleeping with the paws up, sitting on anywhere they feel comfy, rubbing their heads to mark the territory, and being content with the cardboard are what we should expect the Panthera genus to do.

#3 They also can’t resist following the red dot

#4 Getting all that Vitamin D

One more interesting thing about these creatures: whoever meows, chirps, purrs, or roars is considered a cat! It is the way they want to communicate with human beings and we should embrace it even though the bigger ones are at their full blast.

#5 A kitten stuck in a Lion’s body

As adorable as the home cats, we should be highly aware of taming and bringing tigers, lions, and panthers home since they belong to nature. Unless you are a well-trained exotic pet person, they can kill other animals and even people severely. 

#7 He knows how cute he is and he’s putting it on display

#8 Saying that he’s sleeping like a baby would be a huge understatement

#9 The bigger the cat, the more cuddles it needs

#10 They’re all obsessed with belly rubs

#11 That’s a house tiger, look at the collar

#13 He seems to be in enjoying that car ride very much

#16 It’s ridiculous how similar their behaviors are


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