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16 Purrfect Cats Who Sit Because They Fit

There isn’t a cat alive who doesn’t enjoy sitting in a box. When it comes to cats, there’s an all-too-common adage that goes something like this: if it fits, it sits.

It’s a simple concept: if a cat can fit in a particular position, no matter how strange, bizarre, or unpleasant it may appear, they will sit there. It’s essentially an unbreakable cat law. It’s also a lot of fun to shoot, share, and enjoy for Internet users all around the world.

Here are 16 kitties that knew they’d fit and sat so purrfectly that we couldn’t wait to share them with you!

(h/t: dailysquared)

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#1 All cats are the same

It doesn't matter how big or predatory a cat can get. Cat law is cat law.

#4 Kitty Dad Life

Moms everywhere know what this is like. What a lucky kitten daddy.

#6 Well, that’s odd

Usually kittens curl up in warm places but I guess mom's cold salad works, too.

#8 Kitty makes contact

"Even if I don't fits, I still sits. Deal with it."

#10 Purrfect

Not all cats like water but apparently, some cats do like whales.

#14 “Whatchyu lookin’ at, punk?”

Kitten is content and shall not be removed from it's place of fittin' and sittin'.

#15 Double the Fits, Double the Sits

Most importantly: Double the precious!


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