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17 Cat Breeds That Can Make Even Ardent Dog Lovers Fall For Them

Sounds like a dilemma when you want both cat and dog to get along with each other in your house if you are a pet lover. Normally, a dog person might think cats are too aloof and they will never want to get attached to a human’s company. Felines are labeled as loners, jerks, or being emotionless while people love to have affectionate and loyal ones to be around. But that is far from the truth. If you spend time and get to know them more than what society might have mythically said to you, cats are actually adorable and approachable.

Just like dogs, felines have a lot of breeds, and they can’t wait to be the sweetest kitty who loves you and your pooch too. These 17 outstanding cat breeds below will tell you about their loving purr-sonalities that you will want to skim. A pawfect house is where dogs, cats, and the owner’s love for them are at. Share this article with dog lovers and see how it goes!

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#1 Bombay

Bombay cats look-alike black panthers in wildlife, but there are not ferocious at all. In other words, this breed is especially sweet and loving. They enjoy tummy rubbed and lots of pets, and the day is saved. Bombay cats are somewhat demanding attention from their human parents, they are very curious as a kid, and they do not mind looking and checking the surroundings in every corner of the house. Their slender body gives them strength and energy to climb and run, they are quite active, but they would rather involve in your stuff because they love humans. This breed is easy to adapt to the environment, friendly to other animals and children.

#2 Russian Blue

A slender body with big upstanding ears, a naturally smiley face with a pair of mesmerizing green eyes, and distinctive grey fur color, Russian Blue felines are considered regal and luxurious. But those wealthy look doesn't mean their personalities are the same. On the contrary, Russian Blues are incredibly cuddly, sweet, and very loyal to her human parents. They are active as well! This breed needs a lot of time for dozing off but their converse energy will be massively released when they are playing. Russian Blues are clean and they need minimal grooming, so it's quite sensible when they are around children or people who are too busy but still need a sweet purr ball.

#3 Bengal

Being resembled as a tiger, the Bengal kitty is really sweet and loyal. Her distinctive coat makes everyone has a misconception as if they were wild cats. The spots will be spread throughout the body randomly, feature with amber or grey fur color. Bengal cat is very smart and athletic, you should provide this breed a proper room for them to climb and run daily. They are unique, friendly, curious, and alert cats. Furthermore, Bengal cats enjoy grooming themselves and you can easily groom them as well. 

#4 Siberian Forest Cat

A fluffy kitty who was born in Siberia is an ideal one for a family. They are very loyal and affectionate, Siberian Forest cats will follow you anywhere you go, Their charming look and their fabulous fur attract most cat lovers, but I am sure that pupper lovers will adore this feline as well. They do not ask much for attention, yet they accept anything that you give to them. Siberian Forest cats love water, they don't mind their coat would heavily weigh them down. They are playful and active, you might spend a certain time playing with them, they will thank you with lots of purrs and headbutts. 

#5 Turkish Angora

Heterochromia is what Turkish Angora cats have in their blood when they were kittens. Their elegant white coat and two different colored eyes caught people's eyes whenever they appear. This breed is lovable, softie, and easy to get attached to its owner. However, they are quite slow at adapting to the changing environment, you should take time and encourage them to acclimate. Turkish Angoras are fun and loving, they love to run and play, providing an adequate room for them is a must. In short, they are regal and loyal.

#6 Munchkin

One of the most adorable cat breeds on this planet, Munchkin cats are labeled as the Corgis or Dachshunds of the cat world. They look like a unit with short legs, round face, body, and eyes. It is really entertaining and amusing when they run. Their stubby legs are the result of genetic mutation, which enhances how charming and cute they are. Munchkin cats are actually fast and furious, don't underestimate the strength of this cutie. The Munchkin cats also crave company: kids, dogs, other animals, complete strangers! Imagine you have a Corgi at home and you bring this little feline to get them along with each other, this would be the pawfect match ever!

#7 Devon Rex

Devon Rex is small but they have a huge personality. Their appearance is quirk, fun, and slick. The fur is quite sensitive so you should be careful when grooming them, it's better to use a cloth and gently rub them. Devon cats are incredibly intelligent, they are quick and curious as well. They love jumping, running, and climbing around the house. Very human-oriented, loving, sociable, Devon cats don't hesitate to make friends with people, children, and other family pets. If you own this little charming kitty, you will never stop laughing! Their sense of humor is higher than other breeds, yet they are very sweet when they cuddle you at night.

#8 American Curl

This cat is a unique breed whose ears curl backwards. They are very sociable and active, American Curls need a lot of activities during the day such as climbing, perching, hunting, jumping. The owners who are considering owning this beauty might take note of a bit about their would-be kitty. A cat tower, scratch posts, and lots of toys are very attractive to American Curls. This breed has either a long or short coat but they are equally silky and fancy-look, so you should groom them frequently to avoid hairball. Who is here for this American beauty?

#9 Abyssinian

This little furball has a very exquisite band of colors running through the body, from light cream color under the neck to be gingerly darker at the back and tail. Abyssinians are playful and responsive, they love to have some company, and a dog is not an exception. The owner should provide them the amount of time to play with this feline also since they are quite commanding attention. Slick and long body with nice built-up muscles, Abyssinian cats look healthy and easy to raise, however, you should be always aware of their weight and daily meal portions.

#10 Ragdoll

If you are looking for a gentle and adaptive cat breed, the Ragdoll cat is the number one nominee. The plushy, silky, and soft appearance with a strong yet sweet personality is compiled altogether and given to this feline. She is tempered enough to get along with the changes in routine and environment. Ragdoll's eyes are usually blue, a pointed charcoal color markings are normally in her nose and other minor parts of the body. Her paws are like the stockings, which make her really adorable and irresistible.  

#11 British Longhair

A sibling of British Shorthair cat but British Longhair one is more than a joy of fluff. She is more calm and peaceful, she loves to have something to play with: feathered fish toys, other cats, dogs, and humans. As calm as she is, British Longhair is delightful for having a certain space and time to relax, she appreciates the surroundings. The fur is long and silky, however, you should take this breed for grooming otherwise they will meet some health problems. British Longhair, especially, doesn't like being held in your arms. If you are a touchy person, you might consider this breed again.

#12 Maine Coon

The biggest cat breed among others, Maine Coon is actually a little bird. Their coat makes them royal and distant, their sharp look makes you or the visitors might feel uncomfortable, but trust me, once you are reliable enough, Maine Coon cat will greet you with her chirpy voice! A furry feline Maine Coon is affectionate and she can have a highly adaptive ability to any environment, which would make the owner have an easy decision when they are having a dog at home. But make sure you are caring for their oversized proportion, Maine Coon's fur is heavy, so is their weight. 

#13 Neva Masquerade Siberian Cat

This gorgeous and shiny cat breed is Neva Masquerade Siberian Cat, who appears to be dog-like, friendly, sociable, adaptive, athletic, and energetic. They are really warm and sweet towards humans, children, other cats, and dogs. Unlike British Longhair mentioned above, Neva Masquerade loves a lot of interactive games, they are more clingy and needy than other breeds, so if you are a busy bee and you are away from home for hours, you will receive a heart-rending crying from this little critter when you come back. But with having a dog's company, this would be a purrfect choice!

#14 Scottish Fold

People are in love with Scottish Fold cats due to their lovely folded ears, which make the face look round and adorable. Scottish Folds are easy to raise because they are friendly, they get attached to their owners very well. They are intelligent, curious, as not active as other cats but are willing to take naps on the owner's lap all day. Their silky coat is another good point for those who love to pet and run their hands through their body. However, be fully alert to their tail, if you behave Scottish Fold's tail with carelessness, they might face the painful stiffness.

#15 Birman

This cat breed might not be the best choice for having a company with your dog since they are territorial and private, but it's worth owning them if you like to have a one and only muse in your life. Birman cats are large and fluffy, the coat is as protective as their characteristic. Some of the Birman cats will get jealous when you don't have enough attention for them. However, they are soft and gentle, they don't show how much aggressive they are. Their marvelous blue eyes will be another point to capture your sight. 

#16 Norwegian Forest Cat

Royal long fur, a determined type of look, and a large size outlook are what we can see in Norwegian Forest cats. Their paws are usually bigger than other breeds and have fur between the toes. This cat enjoys hunting and loving humans. They will be the most loving cat you have ever seen when you give them enough care and affection. Exercising is very important to this breed, they can be overweight if they don't activate themselves. Shedding and hairball are two other things you need to keep in mind, their silky coat is easy to shed, make sure you brush and groom them regularly. Norwegian cats love to hear praises, they appreciate your attention and caring.

#17 Somali

The Somali cats are simply the longhaired version of Abyssinians, so they are both lovely and sociable. Regardless of the elegant and alert look, Somali felines adore people, children, other kitties, and of course, dogs. They are placid and gentle, love playing, climbing, and jumping around the house. In spite of the furry coat, this breed is easy to groom and brush compared to other cats above. They enjoy talking with their human parents with a soft and sweet voice. Somali cats are also loyal and affectionate, you should spend a period of time having some interactive games with them. If you already have a dog or another cat at home and you want to bring Somali home too, you would be less worried about if they feel lonely.


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