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17 Cat Posts That Will Make You Wanna Hug Every Cat

Let’s cast away the sorrow and anxiety this week because you are worth having a good time laying on your bed, sipping hot tea, looking through the window where people are bustling, and cuddling your favorite soulmate in a cat form. We were born to be productive and fruitful but sometimes it is totally okay to take a rest. And don’t be worried about tomorrow if you can’t finish the deadline on time, cats teach us how to slow down and enjoy life with them by their one-of-a-kind mischiefs.

No one is in denial of how adorable the cats are, even if they have never had a cat of their own. If you want to test your friends who are not fond of animals, let them read this article and see if they would change their minds. Cats are too cute to be ignored, and a whole world without cats is not a world at all!

(h/t: buzzfeed, buzzfeed)

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#1 This sweet little baby just opened his eyes FOR THE FIRST TIME and must be protected at all costs!!!

#3 These real life cat(s) in the hat(s) modeled the latest in feline fashion:

#4 This floofy friend stared deep into your soul and had ALL THE WISDOM IN THE WORLD:

#6 This adventurous angel tackled the great outdoors and looked so fierce and so brave!!!

#10 This baby was blessed with the world’s MOST PERFECT TOE BEANS:

#15 This kitten found the purrfect spot to take a lil’ rest!

#16 This perfect angel grew into the MOST BEAUTIFUL CAT ON THE PLANET:


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