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17 Cats Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

They say “Live like a cat”, and when I came to the realization that cats are confident and they couldn’t care less about what people label them, I think the statement is very brilliant. Body shaming? Chonky cats are still cute and unit. A cat who lost one eye? its heart is wholly affectionate. Mischievous cats? Their owners love them, not people. Big cats like tigers, lions, and panthers? They have the purest souls in the world, and they will protect you no matter what happens. They don’t care how other people treat them, in fact, their human companions matter the most.

Besides those lovely facts above, welcome to the club of the troublemakers. 17 fabulous felines below do not give a dang about what you are doing or how to say sorry properly. And if you want them to say sorry, welp, better luck next time. Scroll down and see how hilarious they are, upvote the best photo among 17, and tell us whether you feel relatable to your current circumstances.

(h/t: buzzfeed)

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#1 This cat who doesn’t give a shit if you’re “doing important work.”

#8 This cat who knows the end is near, but is too lazy to move.

#9 This cat who wants to be comfortable AND nosy at the same time.

#12 This cat who, quite frankly, doesn’t give a shit if you’re sleeping.

#13 This cat who straight up doesn’t care that you need to pack your lunch.

#14 This cat who knows it’s not supposed to go in the bushes, but does anyway.

#15 This cat who eats all the catnip it wants, whenever it wants.


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