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17 Cats Who Are Unaware Of How Ridiculous They Are

Disclaimer: This article might crack you up within a second!

Cats are regal and royal, that’s their style of living. But as you are standing at that point, you are just the novice. Experienced cat owners are no stranger to the cat’s antics, even if it’s intentional or not. Sometimes, they show us their yummy tummy with the cutest round eyes and we are immediately melted. But ridiculously, most of the time they give us an unshakeable gaze as if we forgot to refill their food bowl in the morning. And why in the world do they get annoyed at us when we take them to the vet to have a checkup because we adore them?

Don’t try to understand cats like we usually do with dogs, they will approach us only when they want to. But it’s perfect timing, when you think about it, cats know exactly when you are upset or depressed, and that is when they silently heal you by their fur, paws, purrs, or even just a presence.

So, like other days, they once again are making our stomachs hurt because of laughing at their weirdest and funniest behaviors. Scroll down and check yourself!

(h/t: aubtu)

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#1 He got neutered at the previous vet visit. He’s thinking about pooping in your shoes later.

#5 Someone was quite upset on Christmas morning.

#7 It’s actually hard not to delight in an angry cat.

#8 I should have checked the food bowl before I went to sleep.

#9 The best combination: “Cute but psycho”

#11 She hasn’t eaten in ten minutes.

#12 Teefies are always cute AND funny.

#13 Her name is Anna. She is always like this. She has a LOT of sass.

#14 A great spot, but the view looking up is even better.

#16 One of my dad’s cats, Damian, on his way to the vet today. “Peek-a-boo, I see you!”

#17 Peep the toe beans. Glorious toe beans.


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