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17 Cats Who Can’t Help Their Dramatics

Why are we fascinated by the cat’s dramatic expressions? Simply they are too cute to ignore!

Cats are known as being one of the popular sensations on the Internet. For those people who are against cats, well, they don’t know how colorful and vivid the cats are and will be. From a tickling tail when something suddenly jumps out of nowhere to a hilariously unflattering face when the catnip kicks in. How can you not adore such an amusing creature? Technically, there are thousands of feline photos are uploaded on the Internet everyday. Most of them are about the cat’s exaggerated moments. People can have a laugh or two whenever scrolling through the photos which reconfirm that cats are human’s happy daily dose!

We have already compiled some of the most outstanding photos of cats who can’t bear their antics. Thanks to the cat owners around the world, we can see how exciting to live with a cat is. Scroll down and vote your favorite candidates and share with us your cat’s hilarious story, we would love to see more of the cat’s dramatic trait!

(h/t: iheartcats)

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#2 Phin is over the workweek, and his overly dramatic expression captures how we all feel on a Friday afternoon!

#3 A fluffy tuxedo cat cries out to the sky, “Oh, the humanity!”

#4 Miss Astrix’s emotions are not mixed! There’s no mistaking annoyance because her parents never leave the house anymore!

#6 This most certainly appears to be a typical feline overreaction!

#7 Yorke has moping down to an art. The reason for the mope? The dogs stole his bed and he had to settle for the couch. Poor kitty!

#8 A dramatically angry house panther yowls, “I said no chicken, only tuna!”

#9 And when a cat doesn’t get the tuna they desire, the dramatic tune out can be ice cold…

#12 Little Leopard Leia has discovered her talent for drama young. She’s just too cute!

#13 A famished cat can’t go on until the food bowl is topped off. It’s half full, but he just can’t make it until the food brims the bowl’s edge…

#14 Sometimes cats can go a wee bit overboard with their dramatic reactions. After all, what did an innocent aloe plant ever do to a kitty!?!

#15 A cat demands her say! And what is it she says? “Bring me food!”

#16 That’s “Dr. Doctor Evill Marv” to you! The Dr.’s face plainly states, “I Didn’t Spend Six Years In Evil Medical School To Be Called ‘Mister,’ Thank You Very Much….”

#17 Mocca is mad because there’s nothing good on television!


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