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17 Cats Who Couldn’t Care Less About Public Opinion

Cats don’t meow to other adult cats very much, but they soon learn to communicate with people through sounds. When cats meet, they rarely communicate with each other via traditional meowing sounds. Cats, on the other hand, are generous with their vocalizations when it comes to people. They use their voices to communicate what they want, how they feel, and to simply say “Hello, nice to see you!” What method did they use to detect this? And why do humans enjoy speaking to cats in a higher-pitched tone?

Professor Bjarne O. Braastad of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) is the person to see if you want to learn more about cat behavior in Norway. Meowing, he explains, is a set of innate sounds used by kittens to communicate with their mothers.

However, there is another opposite thing about cats that people need to know. It’s up to us humans to be aware of the image we project to our neighbors. Cats are unconcerned about any of these issues. They are flawless because of nature, and they are aware of it!

These fluffy critters who have no issue being themselves never cease to amaze us at. Today, we are excited to share 17 incredible observations that illustrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that cats have every cause to feel unique!

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#1 Cats consider themselves paragons of logic

Everything a cat does is right, useful, and to the point.

#2 Cats never resort to cheap theatrics

Their emotions are always straightforward and honest.

#3 Cats possess total self-confidence

If you don't agree, refer to paragraph #1

#4 A cat’s time is never wasted

You never know - your furry friend might be working on a dissertation on cardboard box geometry at this very moment!

#5 Cats are always ready to face the limelight

Being stunning 24/7 is a science in its own right.

#6 Cats are experts in comfort

Believe it or not, they really find this position cozy!

#7 Cats always find the most optimal route

Even though it might not always look like it.

#8 Cats do everything their own way

Because they know what's best for them!

#9 Cats never pursue unachievable goals

They always have some kind of plan - it's just that we often fail to see it.

#10 Cats fit in every interior

And add a touch of glamour to any surface.

#11 Cats think all their actions through in advance

To us, this might look like an accident waiting to happen. From the cat's point of view, the lamp clearly clashes with the room's decor.

#12 These noble animals are always ready to offer a helping paw

It's all about being involved.

#13 Cats never become slaves to circumstances

Every obstacle presents an opportunity.

#14 Cats are in total control of their emotions

'Scared? Not me. I've just ascended to a new level of Zen.'

#15 Cats know a thing or two about having fun

Unlike us, they don't overcomplicate things.

#16 Cats defy the laws of physics

Jean-Claude Van Damme, this is way out of your league!

#17 And finally – cats are 100% certain of their uniqueness

Who are we to doubt them?!


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