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17 Cats Who Don’t Understand How BIG They Are

More fluff more fun, but the fun is sometimes in need to be highly aware of.

Pets have such great transformations within a year, however, we do not expect them to be gigantic. I mean, yeah, they do look really adorable and mesmerizing, but the facts about larger cats show you another aspect so you can learn and take care of them properly.

There are 2 reasons for cats to be out of the normal size: the diet and the genetic mutation. First of all, nutritious food is really beneficial for their coat, internal organs, and their brain. If your cat is overweight, this might affect their daily life mentally and physically. Take them for a walk, spend more time playing with them, gradually reduce the portion in a day based on the vet’s recommendation. Second of all, this is unexplainable, they are just… big and full of fluff. The size of a cat depends on the dominant alleles and recessive ones. Sometimes, when they are kittens, they look like others but then puberty hits them, welp, that’s another story. So, cat owners, embrace them and their uniqueness. Although their huge physiques, cats are still young at heart!

Scroll down and see how overlarge they are, have a laugh or two, and tell us what you think. If you have a big kitty, share with us!

(h/t: buzzfeed)

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#10 Honestly, cats are the best when you need a lot of upper-body strength to lift them:

#13 Or when they’re literally spilling over the edges of the thing they’re perched upon:


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