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17 Naughty Cats Who Show Their Humans Who’s The Boss In The House

You intentionally brought a cat home just to pet and feed them, relieve you from anxieties and chaos of life, then later they proudly sat on your face, destroyed your favorite flower vase, put a fight with your neighbor’s pets. Seemingly rude and mischievous but you know what’s the most important task a cat committed to their evil plan? Being your boss and ruling the world. So don’t ever think one day you will be the boss of the house when owning that softie! Sorry, truth hurts.

So how naughty and bossy they are? Those 17 lovingly cruel tyrants will give you a sneak peek, teach you how to be a real jerk but still be tolerated.

(h/t: brightside)

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#4 “Wanted a photo with the kittens — this is what I got”

#9 “If you don’t nap with Sammy, you don’t nap at all”

#11 “Countless places to nap outside in the shade and this is where my cat chooses to get comfortable…”

#13 “Because who needs personal space…or the ability to breathe?”

#17 “My black and white tabby sits on my calico until she gives up their fave spot on my desk”


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