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17 Photos That Prove Cats’ Love Is A Beautiful Thing

What are your experiences about cats when you hear some rumors about them? Beside their cute appearance, cats may not be friendly as their look. Cats have a terrible reputation, largely because they appear to be unfriendly. However, every cat has their own character, and they will show them out when they feel safe and happy. Also, cats will show their attitude in an uncomfortable situation to protect themselves like walking away or giving you some scars. A study found that they can form bonds with people in the same way that dogs do. Some even give the nicest hugs and insist on napping on your lap and at that moment, you will feel the love of your cat clearly more than anything in the world.

To show you more about the special moments that makes the rumors disappear, today, we present a gallery of images displaying some of the world’s most devoted felines. After this, you will never underestimate a cat’s sweetness again!

Do you have a feline companion? What is the cutest thing you’ve ever witnessed a cat do? We want to read your stories, but we also like adorable pictures. So, if you have any, please share them in the comments!

(h/t: brightside)

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#3 “My rescue cat assuring my recently adopted pup that she will be all right and is now in a home full of love”

#4 “Got a second cat to keep the first one company while we were gone. This is the result”

#7 “I sprained my ankle, so my cat decided to elevate her paws in solidarity”

#8 “Had trouble finding the cat, gave up, then checked on my daughter…”

#10 “Somebody told me that Bengals aren’t good cats to cuddle with. Khari thinks differently”

#11 “My big orange lad enjoys when my classes get cancelled!”

#14 “My cat comes downstairs at 11 P.M. every night to fall asleep like this on my dad (a self-proclaimed dog person)”

#15 “Looks like my niece will be sleeping soundly for this trip”


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