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17 Reasons To Believe Cats Are All-Around Great Guys

These cats are just fantastic like the way they are! Without having any permission, cats appear to us in a versatile role just like human. Don’t ever underestimate your feline friend, some day she would be in front of your face and purr: “Hey hooman, I sent your kid to the kindergarten, now make me breakfast!”

Believe it or not, those 17 reasonable photos will convince you that cats are all-around good guys!

(h/t: brightside)

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#3 And last but not least, they try to be nice, okay?

#4 They can always pretend to be a bunny when the situation demands it

#5 They dance like there’s nobody watching

#7 They will find that cute wallet you lost a year ago, ma’am!

#8 They mastered the art of seizing the day

#9 …and have no idea who ate all the whipped cream

#12 And can blend in with their surroundings

#13 ‘Puss in Boots’ was actually a documentary

#14 Who said cats and dogs can’t be buddies?

#15 They don’t care who you are as long as you’re comfortable to sleep on

#16 Cats will make sure your kid makes it to the kindergarten

#17 And will take care of your flowers while you’re busy


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