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18 Cats Who Have Extra Jellybeans On Their Paws And We Love Them All

I guess if a cat had a wish, they would have thought about having one more toe bean like human so they can grab our neck and hiss for treats. Cats are unique in their own way, their identities are weird and there’s such no surprise if they get weirder.

Animals who have extra toes than they should have are called polydactyls. But this is actually cute, like a little human. Cat paws are the cutest parts of their body and no matter how many more toes they’re gonna have, there’s no denying that they’re adorable!

Well, if you know you know, the more the merrier! Extra jellybeans for extra fun!

(h/t: catsoncatnip)

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#9 I just want to give it a high-five!!!

#10 This cat practically has a whole extra paw at the end of its leg!

#11 This is what the void looks like and it has extra toes!

#13 Wearing multicolored gloves and feeling flex!

#17 This cat is a superhero and it will save the world with these extra toes!

#18 This cat could give an excellent “thumbs up!”


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