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18 Problems You’ll Only Understand If Your Cat Is An Angel, But Also The Devil

Cat-human is a love-hate relationship. Cats enjoy their mischievous and excessive plots to make a fuss with humans but with just one kiss, all is forgiven. The scratches, the bleeding bites, the broken flower vases, a keyboard is no longer working, these are worthwhile as long as they are cats. How many times have you been late for work because of busying snuggling up to your enemy as well as a lover for 10 more minutes? They are allowed to do whatever they want in the most unpredictable way but they do adore us, hoomans. The world without cats is like having a bland and unseasoned salmon, we are here to survive but not to live. They are the motivations for us to cope with a lot of troubles in life. Our cat is one of our troubles, yes, absolutely, but they are the most adorable trouble ever!

Turns out, we can’t distinguish if they are angels or evils, and that happens to these 18 hilarious circumstances below. Let’s see if you relate to these poor owners by scrolling down and upvoting photos!

(h/t: buzzfeed)

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#1 Here’s the thing: You know your cat is simultaneously 100% evil and 100% adorable.

#2 Because while half the time it seems like all your cat does is plot your demise…

#3 …the other half of the time the cat falls asleep and you get to take photos that make your heart explode.

#4 Sure, it’s kinda sinister how your cat always seems to be watching you shower.

#7 And has prevented you from giving gifts to anyone but them.


#11 Look, there’s no denying that you buy them things ALL THE TIME, and they never really appreciate it.

#12 Or the fact that you no longer have any usable toilet paper.

#18 And really, what’s a little evil when you also get the adorable tossed in?


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