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19 Bonds Between Humans And Animals That Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

Pets are present in 67 percents of American households, according to statistics. And the ties that people form while sharing their homes with their pets can astound you. In our post, you’ll find everything from the love between pets and their owners to the embraces they offer one other.

Gidypet gathered a collection of 19 photographs depicting genuine human-animal love and friendship. Warning: after reading this collection, you may feel compelled to adopt a pet!

(h/t: brightside)

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#14 When our son was born, we figured he’d bond with one of our 4 dogs. Imagine our surprise when he became best friends with our bad-mannered, pissy cat

#15 I left for deployment a week ago and my wife sent me this today. That’s my pillow

#17 Sailors created this small hammock for the kitten that was living on their ship during the war

#18 The way this cat is looking at the guy is simply: “Awww!”


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