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19 Crimes And Criminals Caught By Their Owners

If you ever caught your pet red-handed in the middle of the crime scene, you might relate to this article. When pet owners figure out what happened, they usually capture their furry criminals and the crime scene to keep track of what they committed and investigate the process. What’s fascinating is that some pets think you can’t find out who has round legs walking on the cake, who has sharp nails to test the firmness of the sofa material, or whose teeth are sharp enough to bite a wire. The explanation you get is just those irresistible “Please forgive me” eyes, or maybe an apathetic attitude as if they are innocent.

Check out the list below of the most notorious, but, let’s admit, cutest criminals and vote for your favorite ones!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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It al started with the Twitter user @urfriendimane's photo split in two half. The left half is a ready-to-bake pie base and tiny paw prints that weren't supposed to be there. The right half is a cute kitten that appeared to be the criminal. The photo received1.5M likes and over 232.6K retweets at the time. Many people showed sympathy for @urfriendimane by responding to her tweets with pics of the crime scenes and their criminal pets. Their "mugshot" expressions are also diverse, with some looking really guilty, while some don't even give a damn about what they have done.



Some Twitter users are really worried about whether the cat's paw print cake has been eaten, and @urfriendimane assured them that it was not consumed. Many users not only share photos but also added interesting stories of their cooking works, which were sadly sabotaged by pets (mostly cats) for walking on them or used as an unauthorized nail grinder. Maybe they want to help us, maybe they want to mess us up, or maybe they just call for attention, but in the wrong way.


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