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19 Photos That Prove That Yes, Cats Are Cute, But They’re Also Giant Weirdos

If you ever have had a cat you would probably sometimes sit back and wonder why they are so magnificent but then 2 minutes later they are acting defectively weird at least once a day. These somewhat strange feline behaviors, both amusing and baffling, that explains why there are an endless amount of funny cat photos on so many social media platforms.

We’re ready to feast your eyes by compiling 19 proofs of purely entertaining kitty weirdos and make sure that your cat is enjoying with us too!

(h/t: buzzfeed)

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#1 They spend a lot of time and effort achieving peculiar things

#2 One minute, they’re totally normal. The next, they’re standing like a human

#5 Cats definitely have an inflated sense of ego about themselves

#8 They can give you a heart attack by doing literally nothing

#9 When you catch them being total weirdos, they look at you like you’re the one intruding

#13 Although on second thought, maybe we’re better off not knowing

#14 Cats are great. We all know this. But, like, they’re also super, super weird

#17 Doesn’t matter where they are; it’s just time for snoozes

#19 But despite how weird they are, sometimes you wish you could see the world through your cat’s eyes


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