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20 Cats Who Look So Angry, You Don’t Want To Mess With Them

Cats may be all fluffy and lovely, but they can be intimidating at times. They were considered mysterious creatures from ancient times, and until modern days, they still remain the same mystery vibe. Those round, sparkly eyes can switch into killer mode in a flash. They might be hiding in some corner of the house, plotting dog obliteration or human slavery, or they can just show up in front of you with that obvious menace if you haven’t fed them yet, or leave them unnoticed for 5 minutes.

Whatever the case is, beware of these cats’ attitudes and better give them lots of belly rubs and treats before they actually putting those evil plans in action. Scroll down to see 20 pics of these angry cats and upvote your favorite furious feline!

(h/t: brightside)

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#2 Verified that look you make when someone asks to borrow a piece of gum…

#13 “My friend is a pet groomer and had a very angry customer”


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