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20 Cats Who Might Be Broken

There is one thing you need to decide: don’t let your cat be curious or don’t be curious about your cat. Cats are the hyperactive ones when they exceed so much energy from taking hundreds of naps a day. And they start to invite you to join the party at 4 AM, as usual. Sometimes, their curiosity gets them in trouble or many hilariously unexplainable moments. They have been told to be regal and magnificent, but who would have thought behind these assumptions, they are also goofy and unpredictable.

That is why we adore cats. They do not pretend to be loved or to get attention immensely, they prefer stopping functioning sometimes to be always nice and obedient to the owners. They want to show their good and bad traits and everything in between, in other words, the laws mean nothing to cats. These weirdos below will reveal their unique quirks, make sure you upvote the most interesting ones and also comment on what you think, we are glad to share with you and the world!

(h/t: buzzfeed)

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#5 All the cats of the world that forget to put their tongue away sometimes.


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