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20 Cats With The Most Unique Features That You Need To See Right Meow

Cats are just the most questionable creatures ever. They have such innocent faces, yet a mind of a devil. Especially, they are blessed with luscious, silky coats in so many unique colors and patterns that you can’t help but fall in love with them! Sometimes Mother Nature speaks so fluently through their coats that you can’t help but wonder who they would be if you could talk to them. Never judge a book by its cover, right? Well, a cat by its traits!

These 20 cats are so beautiful and exclusive, you wouldn’t believe that they are real! Scroll down to admire their unique features and vote for the most special ones!

(h/t: catsoncatnip)

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#3 This stunning feline has vitiligo, but that doesn’t stop her from slaying so hard!

#7 This pretty kitty has sectoral heterochromia – a condition when when a single iris contains two or more colours

#8 Venus the chimera cat, she has perfectly symmetrical color split in the middle of her face

#10 Bowie is mighty fluffy and he has a blep, different colored eyes, and a snow cone dipped in chocolate tail!

#14 Meet Fluffy Muffy! Curly was found by animal volunteers and was malnourished, mangy, and had severe ear infections plus mites. Half a year later, he’s the biggest cat in the house with the softest fur!

#18 Guess no King can pull the sword this time, it’s embedded on him!


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