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20 Pets Who Love Cuddling Their Pregnant Humans

Being pregnant can change the whole environment for a house, including pets. Dogs and cats are born with wonderful senses of smell, they can smell and sense the pregnancy before you know you are conceiving. Sounds ridiculous huh? Yes, it does, because that is a general statement that many pregnant women have experienced. In fact, when you are in week 2 of fertilization, the hormones inside will gradually change, human’s scent is not as good as dogs and cats so they can’t detect the smell of pregnancy hormones called chorionic gonadotropin. On the contrary, cats have 200 million odor-sensitive cells in their noses, and dogs own an enormous 300 million ones. So whenever they smell something slightly different, they can figure out the changes in the house. Furthermore, dogs are observant animals and cats have excellent curiosity, when you buy toys or redecorate the room to welcome a newborn baby, they will run around and sniff, see, and act in an unusual way. The most obvious change that they can see is the woman’s belly.

So how unusual would it be you might ask, it actually depends on your pet’s personalities. Some will be more aggressive, but some will be surprisingly protective and cuddly. But you can’t blame their pets for acting out, because their job is to detect weird smells not detect a baby.

Having a baby is a very beautiful thing in this world, and having an adorable pet who takes care of their future human companion is doubly happy! So scroll down and see how blissful the photos are!

(h/t: aubtu)

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#1 “My cat admiring my pregnant wife”

#2 “My pit has been extremely affectionate with my sister ever since she got pregnant”

#3 “Ever since my wife got pregnant, Copernicus tends to favor her more”

#4 “These cats must somehow know my wife is pregnant — every day… like a magnet”

#5 “My cat finally accepts that I’m pregnant”

#6 “My cat wouldn’t cuddle before I became pregnant”

#7 “My cat used to be aloof. Now that I’m pregnant, she has become obsessed with me. I’m enjoying every minute”

#10 “I’m pregnant and my dog won’t stop staring at me”

#11 “I have no doubt in my mind my dog knows I’m pregnant”

#12 “My friend is pregnant and her dog will not leave her side. Took this photo of them the other day”

#13 “Pregnant girlfriend is having a rough morning. The dog thinks this helps”

#14 “My Rottweiler puppy fell asleep hugging my baby bump”

#15 “I think Cletus knew I was pregnant before anyone else!”

#20 “I’m 8 months pregnant and he won’t leave my side”


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