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21 Adorable Cat Couples That Prove True Love Does Exist

If you have ever known about The 5 Love Languages of Gary Chapman, you probably can relate cats have a physical touch type of love language. Not only do they snuggle up with their opposite kitty partner but they also love to curl up and sleep in your arms. Love has no words or boundaries, and it’s free for all! Especially, cats, oftentimes you witness them grooming each other, sleeping in a heart shape, or silently watching birds together by the window. All those things make human beings absolutely jealous because these moments are so pure and wholesome! Unlike these modern days, love seems pretty hard to be recognized since everybody is gradually losing a definition of true love. Actually, loving yourself is true love. It allows you to appreciate your abilities, embrace your weakness and flip it to your strength, spend more time learning about yourself everyday. And when it comes to true love, you will fill one another’s cup by pouring them with kindness, compassion, and sacrifices that you have learned while you are single. Look at your kitty! They groom themselves all day before seeing some other kitties, don’t they?

Scroll down, see how beautiful true love of the cat’s world is, and put on hope in the future that you will find your significant one who has the same energy with you! Don’t stop believing in love, folks!

(h/t: brightside)

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