21 Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

The title might puzzle over you and lead you to the thinking: is my cat a puppy cat? First off, let’s break down the definition of a puppy cat. Felines who act or behave like their canine friends toward humans will be called puppy cats. If you are a cat person and do not know whether your cat belongs to one of 21 breeds that act like dogs, start to examine their personalities and compare to this handy article. For example, if your cat is surprisingly friendly to strangers, they might inherit the dog’s traits. If your cat loves to be the center of the universe and is willing to paw in everything you do, they can be a doglike feline.

However, just so you know, puppy cats are simply cats. They do not consume any dog food since every species has its nutrient. If you own a dog and a cat in the house, you should separate them so that they can’t steal each other’s food. But if you own a cat who acts like a pupper, congrats, it means you have the best of both worlds! Scroll down and check yourself if your cat acts like a dog!

(h/t: iheartcats)

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