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21 Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

The title might puzzle over you and lead you to the thinking: is my cat a puppy cat? First off, let’s break down the definition of a puppy cat. Felines who act or behave like their canine friends toward humans will be called puppy cats. If you are a cat person and do not know whether your cat belongs to one of 21 breeds that act like dogs, start to examine their personalities and compare to this handy article. For example, if your cat is surprisingly friendly to strangers, they might inherit the dog’s traits. If your cat loves to be the center of the universe and is willing to paw in everything you do, they can be a doglike feline.

However, just so you know, puppy cats are simply cats. They do not consume any dog food since every species has its nutrient. If you own a dog and a cat in the house, you should separate them so that they can’t steal each other’s food. But if you own a cat who acts like a pupper, congrats, it means you have the best of both worlds! Scroll down and check yourself if your cat acts like a dog!

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#1 Abyssinian

Highly active, playful, and courageous - that is what people can think of when they mention Abyssinians. These cats can't be compatible with those who only like to pick up their cat and cuddle. Abyssinians need a lot of toys and attention. They desire high perches as well as exercises to release the energy. Do not let them be bored or else they will turn your house into warfare.

#2 American Bobtail

The American Bobtail cat possesses an outgoing, friendly, human-oriented, and loving personality. They own an athletic, well-muscled, and wild outlook but they are sweet and loyal inside. They get alongvery well with children, other cats, and cat-friendly dogs. They are intelligent enough for you to teach them some tricks. You can also walk them on the leash without any annoyance. 

#3 American Curl

These lovely and docile cats are highly demanding attention. American Curls have a distinctive look because of their curled back ears, which make them more princess-like. They are undoubtedly adaptable to every kind of household as well as the surroundings. However, they are more into quality time rather than being cuddled. Whoever wants to own this lovable kitty should take note of those things so the bond will be stronger.

#4 Balinese

The Balinese cat is one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. They are also the chatters who always thrive on your attention. They love to interact with humans as well as other species. They are curious, humorous, and incredibly affectionate. If you want to find a cat with high loyalty, the Balinese can be one of them. Especially, these cats can sense human's moods so whenever you feel blue, they will show up and comfort you unconditionally!

#5 Bengal

This sweetie pie has remarkably rosette markings like a mini jaguar. They are more like wild cats but their personality is doglike. Bengal cats are highly energetic, sociable, loving, and quick learners. Furthermore, they love to interact with water, which is most cat breeds' enemy. They are friendly with humans, children, other animals in the household. Taking them to the adventure on the leash is highly recommended. 

#6 Birman

Birman cats are extremely smart. They are lovingly obedient to their human as long as they can be in humans' arms to snuggle up. They own a soft voice with noble outlook. They seem royal and quite untouchable, though, they are friendly and a bit needy. Birman cat is pet-friendly as well as children-friendly. They are willing to follow you in every corner of the house just to make sure that you are safe. 

#7 Bombay

Bombay cat is highly sociable and human-oriented. They do not mind going out with harnesses or catio. Bombay cat loves to be around people and other pets, especially, dogs. They love climbing and strolling, so it can be a chance for you to take them on the trip. Their friendly and playful traits help them get along with children very well. However, when you own a Bombay cat, make sure they are not left alone. They are fit with multi-cat households.

#8 Burmese

With dog-like tendencies, Burmese cats are easy to capture people's hearts. They are outgoing, intelligent, and friendly. They are quick learners so you can teach them some dog tricks: fetching, waving, shaking hands, etc. Burmese cats want to be a part of your everything. They also like to have interactive playtime with humans rather than play with toys alone. If you are a busy person, Burmese might not be your choice, they will get stressed when left alone. 

#9 Chartreux

If you want to have a loyal, friendly, and affectionate yet docile and placid pet, Chartreux cat can be your number one companion. They are one of the rarest cats in the world, but their personas are much more like a dog. Well-built body, thick fur, and royal eyes, Chartreux cat is both beautiful outwardly and inwardly. They enjoy spending time with humans, kids, and other pets in the household. Their cuddly appearance will make you want to hug them all day long, and that's also what Chartreux cat wants to form a strong bond with their owner.

#10 Maine Coon

These giant gentlemen can steal your girls, dear male cat lovers. Known as 'a cat of the dog world', Maine Coon exhibits some doglike traits that can compromise on multi-cat households. Regardless of their gigantic outlook, Maine Coons vocalize with a chirp rather than a yowl. Maine Coons like to interact with humans as well. Moreover, they are curious, playful, outgoing, and protective. If you want a cat who can guard smaller pets, Maine Coon cats can play the role. 

#11 Manx

Besides the Scottish Fold cats who have round bodies, Manx cats have a round head, round eyes, a roundness at the whisker pads, and a round rump. They are one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. They are tailless, but their abundant personalities make it up. They are affectionate, placid, gregarious, and family-friendly. They are also intelligent enough to master dog tricks. 

#12 Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat, as friendly known as Wegie, is an amazing furry companion. They are mellow and highly adaptable to every environment. They are sweet toward humans, especially with kids. Wegies are smart and friendly when they are with humans. Try to challenge their brain with some problem-solving games, clicker training, or interactive games. They will greet strangers at the doorstep, but it doesn't mean they are dumb. They can sense the surroundings well.

#13 Ocicat

Resembling an ocelot, Ocicat is visually athletic and wild. They are extremely playful and hyperactive which makes a lot of people describe them as dog-like cats. They are very easy to train some basic tricks, such as fetching, walking on a leash, and so on. Since they are social creatures, letting them alone in the house might cause separation anxiety. Ocicats should be in multi-cat households. 

#14 Ragamuffin

These fellows are incredibly calm and gentle, they tolerate being picked up and held. Despite of their thick and luxurious outlook, ragamuffin is one of the best lapcat for a homebody. They are patient, quite needy, easygoing, affectionate, and laid-back. However, their relaxing attitude doesn't mean they are lazy. In fact, ragamuffins can be trained to play fetch and some other basic commands. They enjoy being loyal to their humans, children, other senior cats, and cat-friendly dogs.

#15 Ragdoll

When you just glance at them, you may be confused them with Ragamuffin. However, ragamuffins are originated by a Ragdoll and other longhaired breeds such as Persian or Himalayan. Ragdolls are mostly color-pointed, they have solid markings on the ears, in the tails, or on the feet. Meanwhile, ragamujgins do not have points on the body but the coat colors vary. Thanks to Ragdoll's strong loyalty tendencies, people endearingly consider them as one of the fluffy puppy cats. They are lovable, cuddly, and the sweetest furry companions you have ever had!

#16 Savannah Cat

Don't judge a book by its cover! This creature may seem wild and "not compatible with my children“, but underneath the perked ears and athletic body, is a loyal heart. They have a soft spot with their favorite human, children, other cats, and dogs. They definitely need a lot of attention and playtime to burn their high energy, so make sure that you are home often with them. Savannah Cats are described as dog-like for these personalities: playful, water- loving, friendly, extroverted, and charismatic. They still retain territorial instinct of a cat, though.

#17 Siamese

This kitty is in need of your dedication and affection whenever you are at home. Siamese cats have their own desires, which indicates the intelligence of this breed. Siamese kitty is smart, loving, sweet yet curious, quite demanding, and playful. If you want to measure their loyalty, you would be surprised. They love to involve in whatever their human do, they love watching over their beloved ones and will talk to you all day long. Their high level of cleverness will be an opportunity for you to teach them some basic tricks, walk on the leash or harness, and go on an adventure!

#18 Siberian

These beautiful cats will melt your heart with many dog-like personalities: inquisitive, friendly, sweet-loving, human-oriented, and caring. However, they still exhibit pure feline traits as well: calm, independent, and equanimous. Siberian's IQ is beyond greatness, let's challenge their brain with some puzzle toys, wand feather sticks, hunting, or problem-solving game sessions. They also love to spend time snuggling with their owners. Siberian cats love to know everything surrounding them. They do not mind sprinting their fluffy bodies to explore the world! Thus, this breed is highly loyal. They are willing to do whatever you command to get your full attention and affection.

#19 Sphynx

Who said these bald guys are unfriendly? Most people do not have a preference for this cat breed, so Sphynx cats are categorized as one of the least common cats in the world. But I am going to reveal their loving traits that you might change your perspective. 

Sphynx cats might look independent, but they are the ones who will follow you in every corner of the house. They have a high level of adaptability. They are extremely loyal and adorable. They will make you laugh all day with their silliness. Sphynx's antics are the proofs that they are clever and hyperactive. Nonetheless, they love the warmth of their humans. Sphynx cats will find a place to snuggle, such as your arms or lap. They love to be your company, so spend time teaching them some dog tricks, they will blown your mind in no time!

#20 Turkish Angora

This charming kitty is definitely your spirit animal. They are gorgeous with purely white fur on the surface, however, their regal demeanor can attract the grumpiest person in the world. But don't be fooled by their look, Turkish Angora cats have all dog-like behaviors. They can develop strong bonds with humans as well as other pets. Highly intelligent, Turkish kitty is always in the mood of playing and exploring. They get along with other species well, but they don't have any problem when left alone. This is a devoted cat breed that longs for your love whenever you are at home. They will greet you by sitting on your lap gently and will talk to you constantly to keep you entertained. Turkish Angoras are God-gifted climbers! Nothing is too high for these royal cats. 

#21 Rescue Cats!

Regardless of what breed that you are considering now, rescue cats are the best choice. Most of them might have traumatic pasts that urge them to find a forever home. They are craving love and human compassion. They will do anything to see you smile. On top of that, they are extremely loyal to the owners. So why don't you rush to the nearest shelter now? Who knows you will come back with a furball who will love you unconditionally? They are waiting for you, dear!


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