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21 Photos Proving That Cats And Snow Are Not Meant For Each Other

Cats are not commonly snow lovers. These animals originated in the barren regions and have a tendency to opt for dry climates. Slimy, cold, moist stuff squeezed between the paw pads is not the fun and funny notion for most cats. Veterinary professionals continually say that if the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 35 degrees Celsius, you should maintain cats and dogs indoors.

Some cats seem to discover snow irresistible and will skip the snow until they are exhausted. Others tried to hold close the soft flakes that fell on their noses. All these cats seem to belong to these who can additionally take splendid photos, allowing the rest of us to enjoy their shenanigans.

But cats are very individual creatures. Knowing the preferences of a cat only skill that you understand the opinions of that one animal. There are at least 300 million extraordinary opinions amongst the other 200 million cats in the world. Here are 20 kitty points of view about despising the snow that will make you laugh out loud!


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#7 “This is my cat after playing in the snow for the first time”

#8 “It’s the only way my friend’s cat will go out in the snow”

#12 The whole cat family agrees that it’s much better to look at snow from the inside


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