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21 Pics Of Shameless Cats That Break The Mold

When 2 people start to build a relationship together, all of us tend to show a lot of good traits to one another to conquer their hearts, so do the cats. We do love them at the first sight, they are adorable, affectionate, playful, and adventurous at heart. From time to time, when the bond is close enough for the cats, they start to reveal their true colors. Cats are known as natural explorers, they retain the hunting and climbing skills of the juvenile wild cats. So don’t be surprised if they like knocking off your flower vase, hanging and feeling themselves in the chandelier, ambushing your dog, etc. These “troubles” are very normal, indeed. Their savage behaviors are simply how wild animals play in the forest. When people tame wild cats into the domestic ones, I am truly telling you, none of us can tame their instincts.

Turns out, most people consider their acts as being mischievous and disobedient. Unlike dogs who will show how regretful they are when they make mistakes, cats seem shameless about it, because they think they are cooler than the pooches. Some studies have shown that cats only break the rules when they are bored. It can be implied that cat owners don’t give their felines enough attention, toys, interactive playing sessions, and maybe treats.

And like the saying “Love me, love my dog”, let the cats be the best of themselves, even though there is no dog around here. Scroll down to see how “mischievous” these creatures are, may you will have a laugh or two. Don’t forget to love your cat more than yesterday!

(h/t: pawsplanet)

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#1 There is something wrong with this cat: he loves water. He can swim, sit, walk, and sleep in the bathtub…full of water.

#2 — You have no heart! — My cat has 2 instead.

#3 Eating flowers is something from the previous century. Modern cats have replaced flowers.

#4 Technically, this cat never walked on the table.

#5 The supreme ruler of cats tore the stretch ceiling apart

#7 I would rather have a glass of 10-year-old furry wine, please

#8 In order to understand a plastic bag, think like a plastic bag. Actually, become a plastic bag!

#9 The cat who has another cat on its back. And the “back cat” is fatter than the owner

#10 And this 4-legged friend introduces a new level of laziness

#11 These 2 cats try to dissuade the pigeon from committing suicide

#13 This one is never going to be a good hunter

#16 Sometimes I think my cat is just a small man in disguise

#17 A normal day for a master and his slave

#18 The first ever photo of the snake-cat

#19 I decided to take a ride for food. Who knows when this 2-legged will get up off the sofa again…

#20 When your cat howled for the whole night and eventually summoned a demon.

#21 Use your man’s new boots to avoid wetting your paws


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