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22 Life Changes That Happen After Getting A Pet

Having pets in your house is such a happy and fun experience, and then sometimes when you look back and shock yourself because there has been a lot of changes since they came home. Your saving money for a favorite 5 star dinner is gone with 2 packs of dog food, a stack of canned tuna for your domestic kitty. You still go shopping with a lot of big bags but big bags of dog toys, cat toys, 7-day leashes, etc.

With 22 precise illustration below, you will realize that you are not alone! A Taiwanese artist under the online name John depicted his life ( maybe your life too) before and after having pets. Though having some oh-my-god moments with them, he still loves his kids anyways.

“All I can think of after work is to go home knowing [my pets are] waiting for me, feels great and sweet.” John wrote.

Which are the most relatable changes in your life with a pet? Let us know by upvoting and giving some comments below. You know, sharing is caring, we’re glad if you share this article with your pet fancier fellows!

More info: Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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