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23 Photos From The Participants Of The “Shoulder Cat” Challenge

People usually say “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, but in some situations, our loyal feline is still there even though we don’t ask for it at all. Perching and climbing on the shoulder are some of the cutest gestures of the cats that everybody on the Internet wishes to have more and more photos of. From a small kitten who needs a bit of security from its owner to a gigantic Maine Coon cat who also wants to join the challenge. A shoulder challenge is pretty simple: let a kitty or two be comfortable on your shoulder, choose a good mirror or an epic landscape, and then hit the shutter, voilà! Your photos always look nice when a cat involves in.

But to broaden the participants of this cool challenge, people invite some other adorable animals to take a pic with: a tiny possum, a duck, a chicken, a mouse, or even a snake! Scroll down and see how magical and wonderful this challenge is and upvote your faves, share this article with your friends and challenge them!

(h/t: brightside)

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#4 “Shoulder cats are cool and all, but what about pocket cats?”

#8 “I couldn’t resist and Photoshopped this photo. It was just too perfect!”

#11 “I went to the shelter to look at dogs, they didn’t have any there, but once this little girl saw me, she started pawing at her cage. Now I have a new forever friend”

#19 “I see your shoulder cat and raise you a shoulder rooster”

#22 “I see your shoulder cats, is it too late for a shoulder baby opossum?”


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