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24 Times Pets Unintentionally Sent Their Owners Into Panic Mode

Believe it or not, our four-legged friends can freak us out when you least expect it, and they don’t stop at just one time. People who own a feline or a canine will understand how carefree they are and sometimes they start their mischiefs when we don’t frequently keep an eye on them. And, unintentionally, the outcomes make us have to look at that moment twice, or three times.

Take a look at 24 photos below to see how many times you have a heart attack during the scroll down and upvote for the best jump scare of the year!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#3 The Owner Found His Dog Lying On The Floor, All Covered In Red Sticky Liquid. It Was Just Dragon Fruit All Along!

#6 The Doggo Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack

#7 My Dog Fell Asleep Under My Daughter’s Pillow And Nearly Gave Me A Heart Attack

#11 Gives Me A Heart Attack Every Time, But He Loves To Sleep Like That!

#14 When You Got Home And See Your Dog’s Mouth Full Of “Blood”

#16 My Aunt Got Her Dog Groomed. The Groomer Only Has Half Of His Right Arm. It Looks Like He’s Elbow Deep Into The Dog, And It Freaked Me Out When I First Saw The Picture

#18 Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night To A Notification That My Security Camera Detected Motion. Cue Instant Heart Attack

#19 She Thought She Dug A Treasure For Me, I Almost Got A Heart Attack

#20 My Dog Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack Today, I Thought She Attacked Our Other Dog Outside And Had Blood All Over Her Face. Then I Saw A Seed And Realized She Got Into The Tomatoes.

#21 Moving Things Around In The Garage. About Gave Me A Heart Attack

#22 I Nearly Had A Heart Attack When I Saw Him Sleeping Like This

#23 The First Time I Saw Him Do This, My Heart Almost Stopped As I Thought He’d Died


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