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25 Photos That Show Animals Are The Most Precious Gift The Planet Has Given Us

The love we have for our pets is limitless and unconditional. We uncover our best human qualities such as compassion, the ability to love and notice good moments, and the ability to appreciate the present when we spend time with them.

Gidypet is 100% sure that animals are the most precious gift the planet has given us, and these photos only prove we’re right.

(h/t: brightside)

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#1 “The cat always feels this way when my husband is about to come home. A minute before he comes in, he sits in front of the door and waits”

#4 “I had a bad day today. My cat did this when I sat down on the couch. She sat like this for a solid 10 minutes just looking at me”

#5 “Apparently cats don’t smile. But this little rascal looks pretty happy to me”

#6 “This is Sandy. She’s almost 13 years old, and she’s been with me since the day she was born. We’ve been inseparable from day 1”

#7 “My best friend is here for a visit. She’s pregnant, and my kitty is very interested in her baby bump. He likes to sit with his paws resting on it”

#9 “My boyfriend is comforting our cat that had a rough day”

#10 “My Irish wolfhound sitting on Grandma’s lap. He has no idea how big he is”

#11 “My exhausted daughter fell asleep. Her kitten decided to join her.

#12 My sister adopted a blind cat, and he’s the sweetest cat I’ve met!

#15 “7 years ago today I adopted this Chihuahua-Corgi mix that was $16 because no one else wanted him. He’s old and grey now but is still my best decision ever”

#17 “My dogs were separated for 2 years due to a divorce. My ex agreed today that I can keep my 9-year-old boy!”

#18 “My dad dressed ’the dog he didn’t want’ in my childhood dress he kept for his first granddaughter”

#20 “Our newest rescue is afraid of men so my husband put a blanket down for her to choose when to approach. She laid by him and used his head as a pillow”

#23 “We welcomed our first born 5 days ago. Our dog has been on watch ever since. He cried and she immediately went to make sure everything was OK and stayed until he fell back asleep”

#24 “My cat likes to ride sitting on my shoulder, hanging and purring. Perfect”


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