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28 Cats With Very Important Jobs

Can cats know that they are living rent-free in our house? Most of them feel like their paws can barely do anything except make biscuits in the blanket, but some of the cats who are diligent and ambitious enough to know that they need more treats and midnight snacks, so they work. You can easily spot them being busy checking your emails, taking a nap in the bodega, being stuck on the ceiling to fix the light bulb, and so on. They know that they can’t be a freeloader like others, so they step a paw into the business. To honor their effort and contribution, the subreddit r/CatsWithJobs has gathered nearly 670K admirers and people have shared with the community a lot of hilarious moments when the cats decide to be busybodies. Thanks to that, we come to the realization that they are now living rent-free in our heads!

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(h/t: iheartcats)

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#3 “Permission to board Cattain?” “Denied” – Cattain MochaBean, probably

#4 “Yup – those are definitely termites that you got there. I’ll call my team over”

#7 Jak-Jak has decided his job is to pre-warm the saddle pads for the horses

#12 Lawnmeowing service, reasonable rates

#15 When it comes to Xbox repair, “the claws are perfect for the tiny screws”

#19 “Franklin has been fired from his previous job as a plumber and is now an eye doctor. I trust him, very scholarly”

#23 “I’d like everyone to meet my new sound producer – he doesn’t do much except sit there, but 100% would recommend”

#25 Stairs barricade “no-one gets up or down without me knowing about it!”


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