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30+ Adorable Pics Of These Pets That Found A Loving Home

When one month finishes and another begins, there isn’t a better time to be a Gidypet reader. That’s because it’s time for another of our heartwarming lists of adorable pets that have been saved in the last month, found their forever homes, and won the hearts of their new families. To be honest, it’s my favorite portion of the month because we know how happy adopted pet photos make you.

So go ahead and fill yourself with some soul-healing positive energy to match the bright sunshine outside. Don’t forget to upvote your favorite photos, and we’d love to hear about how you met your pets—tell us all about it in the comments.

Meanwhile, as wonderful as rescuing pets makes us and them feel, you can’t deny that the adoption procedure is difficult for the animals that may have been harmed in the past. With the lovely crew at the PDSA, the UK’s top vet charity, we talked about how to spot the signs of stress and how to assist our pets cope.

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#3 A Kitten Followed My Mail Cart For Four Blocks. Went Back Later To Find Her Huddled By A Garbage Pile. Guess I Adopted A Kitten

Adopting a pet isn't as simple as going to your local shelter and selecting a litter of kittens to take home. Procedures must be followed. Basically, any decent shelter will make an attempt to see if you and your prospective best friend are a suitable match. That could entail filling out some paperwork or having a conversation about whether you'll have enough space at home for them and how busy your calendar is.

After all, caring for a pet isn't all fun and games (though it is a big part of it!)—you're responsible for another person's life. That entails feeding it, providing it with all of the love and medical attention it requires, ensuring that it gets along with your other pets, and ensuring that it adjusts to its new home properly.

For instance, PDSA vet Anna Ewers Clark told that you need to consider the logistics of having multiple cats. We had a conversation with her about what to do if your cat, a notoriously subtle and territorial creature, is stressed out and anxious.

#4 We Were Worried Our Rescue Pup Wouldn’t Like Our New Rescue Kitten…

#6 Rescued This Little Dude Today. Some Guy Hitting Cats With A Broom, Was Gunna Kick His Ass If He Didn’t Give Me The Cat.. He Is Safe Now

“Make sure you have at least one resource for each cat, plus one extra, if you have a multi-cat family that is showing indications of stress. Provide three of everything—bowls, beds, litter trays, and so on—if you have two cats. “Distribute these items throughout your home so they can always avoid each other if they want to,” she advised.

Even while some pets prefer each other's company, Vet Anna advises that you should provide adequate room for them to be alone if they so desire. “It's critical to ensure that your cats can get around without colliding with one another. This might be achieved by providing plenty of entrances/exits for them to use, or by establishing ‘vertical space' with high shelves or furniture, allowing your cats to pass each other at various levels,” she told that.

#9 Rescued This Little Dude From A Bad Shelter Situation. His Name Is Vader

Recognizing whether your pet is unhappy, on the other hand, may be more difficult than you think. They won't tell you straight up that something is wrong, like a human would (though, to be completely fair, people tend to be very secretive and passive-aggressive, too). While some creatures will display extremely clear signs of illness, others will only show very subtle, nuanced signs.

This subtle discontent and tension, according to PDSA vet Anna, might appear in ways that compel the owner to constantly compare their present acts to their prior ones. In other words, you must always keep your eyes and ears open. “Stressed cats may hide more, move less, sleep more, over-groom themselves, or be less willing to play,” she explained.

#10 After Months And Months Of Applications Going Unanswered, Our Rescue Dog Found Us When She Came Into My Clinic For A Check-Up

#11 Adopted This 12 Yr Old Battle Axe Today. Turns Out She’s Entirely Deaf. Already Runnin The Place

#12 Meet Barry, Our 8 Week Old Rescue Kitten

“They may simply spend less time in the house, preferring to spend time outside rather than being forced to spend time in ‘shared territory,' or they may begin to avoid certain areas of the house.”

Meanwhile, acute or chronic stress can have devastating consequences. In cats, for example, it can cause them to become physically ill and cause feline cystitis, a painful bladder illness. “Contact your veterinarian right away if your cat has trouble urinating, has blood in their urine, or changes their toileting habits,” the expert said.

#13 After Wanting A Dog For My Whole Life, I Finally Adopted One! Meet Pepero!

#15 She’s Only Been Home For An Hour And Has Already Settled In. Happy Adoption Day Baby Girl!

#19 Tiny Friendly Feral I Helped Rescue From A Car Engine. Mine Now Muahahahahaha!

#21 I Was Terrified Of Adopting A Rescue Kitten Because I Wasn’t Sure I Could Make Him Happy. 6 Months Later, Well I Think The Pic Says It All

#22 Went To Pick Up My Kitten Ended Up Adopting His Sibling Too

#23 My Boyfriend Rescued This Little Guy. He Being Attacked By Somebody Off Thier Head On Drugs. Welcome Home Archer. I Promise You Never Will Another Human Hurt You

#24 Izzy Has Now Been Adopted. She Was A Part Of The 130 Cats We Rescued From A Hoarder. Now Only 114 Cats Need To Be Adopted

#26 We Just Adopted Our First Puppy. His Name Is Moose And He’s Only 9 Weeks Old. Our New Good Boy

#27 After 3 Months Of Fostering, We Officially Adopted Our Land Seal, Halo Yesterday!

#28 Zuko! Adopted Him 2 Months Ago. He Was A Stray And Is A Bit Smaller Than He Should Be But I’m Hoping To Get Him A Bit Fatter And Stronger With Some Formula And Much Needed Attention. He’s Such A Good Little Guy

#29 My Roommate Just Adopted Her First Puppers “Hank The Tank”


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