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30+ Animal Pics That Just Don’t Make Any Sense

Wildlife photography contests depict animals as majestic, although they aren’t always so. They can appear as shabby as you and me at times. And believe me, if I didn’t have proof, I wouldn’t say it.

Doggo Taxi is a taxi service that specializes in dogs. It’s an Instagram account dedicated to posting random animal pictures with no context. Cats, for example, can help their owner in puking. Or a boat hijacked by walruses. Doggo Taxi has whatever you’re looking for. The nice part is that these images are also surprisingly wholesome. Scroll down to see them for yourself.

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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#2 What can be cuter than a perfect snowflake on a fluffy orange ear?

#3 Wild cat: “Please be my slave hooman! Pretty please!”

Of course, it's fine if you take pictures of your pet having a good time now and again. A worse issue would be if all of your photos were fuzzy and overexposed, for example.

But, just as we pay photographers to capture the most important moments in our lives, such as weddings and birthday anniversaries, we can also engage a professional to capture the beauty of our dogs. Or the relationship we have with our pets.

#5 I told you I am not a vegan!

"I started off as a wedding & portrait photographer and added pet photography to my business about 10 years ago after realizing there was a need for a specialist producing high-quality images of pets," said Phil Lord, a UK-based photographer headquartered in Lancashire.  "I love animals and in photographing them I believe I had found my niche and dream job."

#6 “When you have seen the world like me, you too can be as wise as I am” – Master Shifu Doggo-san

#7 “One day Susan, I swear i will suffocate you in your sleep.”

Working with animals has challenges, as it does with other subjects. Perhaps even more so. Photographers are unable to converse with them and explain their intentions in detail. 

"The trickiest part of the whole process for me personally is gaining the pets' trust and attention," Phil Lord said.

If the photographer could give pet owners a few pieces of advice to quickly take their images to another level, they would be to "use natural light and get down low and take the pictures from the pet's eye level. Above all, have patience!"

#27 That pup doesn’t know that he’s homeless, but he does know he is loved

#30 That dog is making a face of disgust the owner must have put pineapple in that pizza


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