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30+ Before & After Adoption Pics Show How Love And Care Can Change A Cat (Part 1)

Having an adoptive pet is not an easy task to accomplish but you have to show how graceful and generous you are to soothe them from time to time. They have been suffered from being abandoned, neglected, or abused, it is so hard to gain their trust again. So many unreasonable factors that the cruel people give birth to leave a pet out: mostly because of their ‘missing’ or ‘imperfect’ appearance, or they don’t have the awareness to get them neutered/spayed, or the pets and children just can’t get along with. But no matter what the reason is, there are a lot of shelters or neighbors who love pets for them to give pets. That’s unacceptable to abandon pets in the middle of nowhere and don’t care what the future holds them after that.

r/BeforeNAfterAdoption subreddit has been sharing tons of heart-melting moments of pets (especially cats) get adopted and their unrecognizable transformations. The group also shows that with love and time, everything wounded is gonna be healed. Let’s join us for the most wholesome before and after adoption collection today!

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#1 We Found Casey As A Stray (Marked With The Cut In His Ear) At A Busy Intersection. While Picking Him Up To Bring Him To Safety, I Noticed He Was Severely Underweight

#2 Hazel Was A Stray Who Was Rescued After Being Caught In A Steel Trap For An Estimated 5 Days. She Lost Her Leg But Found Her Home With Me! This Is 8 Weeks After Coming Home

#3 10 Months Ago I Found This Little Guy Abandoned And Starving, Now He’s A Pampered Little Prince

#4 This Guy Showed Up On Our Porch One Day

He was emaciated, dirty brown fur, covered with ants, cross eyed and barely alive. The humane society wouldn’t take him because he was in such bad shape. So we kept him and named him Knut. He turned into a fluffy white monster.

#5 Parker, The Sickly Stray 5 Week Old Kitten I Found In A Parking Lot At Work Three Years Ago

#7 This Poor 10 Y/O Little Man Took A Year To Go From Brutalized To Healthy And Active

#8 Found Him Dehydrated In The High Summer Heat. Didn’t Plan On Keeping Him Initially But A Few Years Later And I Can Never Leave Him!

#10 My Baby Boy, Tom. The Day I Found Him And Now, 18 Months Later. He’s Grown Into A Very Handsome Boy!

#11 Cicero Came To Us Dehydrated, Anemic, And Encrusted With Snot. Now He’s A Glorious Fluffy Boy!

#12 I Found This Kitten Last Summer In A Sealed Box Near The Road We Rode

I don't know why I decided to stop and check it. Now he is a big cat and lives in this new family with his new friend.

#14 This Tiny Girl Was Found Abandoned (We Think Dumped), Injured, And Couldn’t See

#15 I Trapped Sushi When He Was 17 Weeks Old With An Infected Neck Wound. 8 Months Later, Love And Patience Have Turned My Former Feral Into A Cuddle-Loving Cat

#18 After My Cat Died I Decided To Pick Up This Small Guy Who Looked Healthy When We Got Him, But We Soon Learned He Had A Horrible Ringworm Infestation. I Spent The Next 4 Months Healing This Little Guy

#19 Titan, Adopted Through Our Rescue Good Karma. He’s Spoilt!

#20 Stray That Started Coming By Our Library Staff Parking Lot Got Taken To The Shelter, Now He’s Properly Adopted And Enjoys Belly Rubs, Anyway Here’s My New Son, Taako

#21 What Love And Tons Of Churu Can Do To A Street-Hardened Cat

#22 A Week After We Rescued This Little Girl. We Have Named Her Shamsie (Sounds Like Tummy)- Arabic For Sunshine

#23 Bean Dip. Found By My Girlfriend Under A Pile Of Trash In A Construction Site

#25 My Dumpster Rescue Ophelia At 4 Weeks Old And 4 Months Old With Her New Best Friend

#26 Our Maine Coon Kitten Hemingway’s Shelter Picture Compared To One Week After Bringing Him Home

#28 This Dirty But Charismatic Boy Started Hanging Around Outside Our House In The Spring Of 2017

#29 Just Two Weeks Ago, I Adopted This Tiny 5-Week Old Who Was Rescued From A Busy Wet Market In Manila. She’s Now The Cuddliest In The Family

#30 4 Years Ago I Found Him Crying On A Rainy Night & He’s My Best Buddy Ever Since. Meet Mavish!


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